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G'day all!

I'm calling this an FO - I have to put a snap on one side, a tie on the other (methinks a toggle) and it is done. I'll probably not get another shot of it. It can go to the shop tomorrow where I will discuss the finishing touches.

(If you can see grot on the floor, sue me, I'm the housekeeper around here and I've been otherwise occupied with vast piles of tissues.)

Details: wrap jacket by Sandi Prosser for Kertzer Yarns. Yarn is On Your Toes Bamboo.

I really did not like the way the decrease was done across the front. One stitch in with the shaping going in what I thought was the wrong direction. When it came to picking up the stitches, if I picked up between the first stitch and the decrease, I ended up with a holey gap that looked rather average. Knitting into the back of the picked up stitch didn't work either. so I had to knit into the decreases themselves. Peeving. Very peeving. It made the commissioned cardi look like the dream boat it was to finish - full fashion figuring (eg increases and decreases 3 in from the edge) makes a helluva difference.

The yarn is interesting. It is a 75% bamboo, 25% nylon. I have a skein I dyed (the tangled skein from a while back) that I will knit up. It has very good stitch definition even though it appears a bit fuzzy. It has many small plies which are not hard to split if you are not paying enough attention to your knitting. I am curious as to how it would feel and work as sock yarn - it is supposedly antibacterial but I am used to cotton or wool socks.

Here's how much plain knitting I got done waiting at the doctors' surgery on Monday. 'Scuse the blurry pic - I had to go back to the doctors' today, blasted annoyed too. I am still alive, despite best efforts of antibiotics. I thought it was going swimmingly until the third dose, and the fourth, well....

We can add sulfa drugs to the list of things to which I am allergic. Dangnabbit. Horrible reaction - ice cold, sweaty hands and feet, heart pounding, constricted breath, trembling, terribly nervous - a typical me reaction to something I've eaten. Basically a panic attack except for the sweaty bit which I don't usually get. A four hour long panic attack cos I was not game to take antihistamines, which usually knock them on the head for me. So now I am back to fighting this bug on my own. Doc says ears look pretty good - must be eustacian tube thing. Whatever. I am sick of being sick. I hope tomorrow I wake up feeling as good as I did today before I ate the sulfa drug of DOOOOOM! Cos I was feeling pretty good.

I have to be better. On Friday, electricians are coming to replace our 2 prong powerpoints with 3 prongers! Yeah! There are only four sets of 3 prong outlets heree at present, two in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. We had to get all sorts of double adaptors and extension leads to get power into the loungeroom.

We've been requested to make the old points easily accessible. Unfortunately, there is only ONE powerpoint that is easily accessible. The other six are hiding behind things. We planned well when we set our place up! We have to move pretty much all bar one large item that we have.

(the coffee table, the bed, somewhere behind the bookshelves, big chrome shelves, the harmonium, the desk and in the centre, the only one easily accessible as we have not yet constructed our dining table (but have the parts). I forgot the shoe rack powerpoint - the second easiest to deal with.)



  1. Poor you. Reactions to antibiotics are horrible :(

    Hopefully the electrical work won't be too disruptive.

  2. Bummer about the antibiotics, but the knitting looks so sweet in the photos.

    I hope everything is gone soon in the way of nasty bugs.

  3. Oh noes, I hope you're feeling somewhat better after the antibiotic problems.

    Love the little baby jacket, but agree the decreases sound not-so-well-thought-out. I automatically do decreases that "point" the "right" way these days, don't care what the pattern says. It's plain wrong to have a right-facing decr. on a left-leaning edge etc etc :-D

    I didn't realise the US was going over to sensible 3-prong plug points! Yay for common sense! Whenever I've used a two-point powerpoint the things just wobble.


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