FO - Stripy socks

G'day all!

I've recently suffered a case of finishitis (wish I'd finish some old wips though!).

Here's some socks:


I dyed some 50:50 merino:tencel so that it would stripe. Tick! It stripes!


I put a little flower motif on the sides of the cuff. I tried out two different ways to make the leaves - yo/decrease and twisted stitch. The yo version shows up better.

The heel has the reinforced ribbing look to it rather than the eye of partridge that I like so much. Eye of partridge would not show up so well with boldly striped yarn.

They are knitted with my usual toe up recipe. I should write the recipe up for you, but it is not a pattern, just a recipe.

(I'll be listing some wool nylon blend in the same colourway on my etsy shop as soon as I get off my lazy butt and actually list it. Note that the wool nylon blend dyed more consistently.)

So January's socks are done. I need to get a wriggle on with February's socks but it isn't Feb yet. They will be Valentine's socks for DH. He is starting to get a collection of hand knitted socks now :-) But these socks are definitely for ME!

By the time I show you the last FO I am hoping that it won't be the last one! We've been on a movie watching kick recently and gee that is prime knitting time! The Constant Gardener was a disturbing movie, very disturbing. What was the name of last night's movie? Max (Russell Crowe) inherits his uncle's estate in Provence and discovers the joys of being out of the stock market. Very unchallenging. Not what I expect from Ridley Scott. No brain cells were disturbed and you only needed two of them firing. Pleasant! Then we ended up watching MIB, which is amusing rot. I admit to not enjoying movies and shows that are Good For Me and Raise My Social Conscience.



  1. I love your socks :)

  2. Oh these too! Spring things make me happy right now.


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