Another half FO

G'day all!

I must be feeling better this week. I've done a fair bit of spinning

(was halfway through spinning that up, got the bobbin full then two-plied it and it is thinner than I expected. Such is life! But after it is washed and thwacked into shape that may change... Fleece is from a Black Pines sheep CVM/Romeldale called Laura. Plying may or may not be dodgy.)

I've also spun up 4oz of BFL. It is not as smooth as I am used to BFL being and I think I'll list it in my shop - I don't think I will use it but other people are not as princess and the pea when it comes to wool as I am. It is *very* me colours though. No pic yet - have to set the twist and thwack it yet.


I managed to finish a fingerless mitt, of my own design, three times in 18 hours. Grr! I thought it was done then decided it was too tight, re-did it, realised I had mucked up the striping going into the ribbing, redid it.


I would have almost had a pair by now if I had just done it right the first time! Instead I only have a cast on, so I have to get cracking to finish that by tomorrow to post another FO!


Tomorrow I can cast on for Nathan's socks, undeserving as he may be! The other bright chirpy mini mochi will have to wait. Such is life!



  1. I love your fingerless mitten! That yarn you spun up is very pretty, too.

  2. That mitten is very cute indeed, the black makes the colours really stand out!!


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