Still sick and whining

G'day all!

Here's some pretties to look at before the moaning and whining begins....

I am getting very over this cold (I just wish I would get over it!). It has settled in my ears. I feel like my head is full of wool. (If only - then I'd spin it!) Basically I am half-deaf. I feel like I am stuck in my own head - all those little sounds you take for granted like the tacker of the keyboard, someone's footsteps outside, heck I'd be glad to hear anything other than my own heartbeat and the whinings of my own ears....and the little man who is tapping the plate in my right ear? Please stop! My sinuses are unhappy but I have managed to get them clear on occasion. Most people take nose breathing to be normal, I see it as a triumph! I have a cough too but it is just a reaction to general irritation. Every time I take a Tylenol to help with the face/ear pain, it drops my temperature and I end up soaked in sweat. If I had changed the sheets every time that happened, we would have no sheets left for the bed! Even if I did cave and use the dryer.

So I saw a doctor yesterday. I was pretty out of it and I have no idea what the diagnosis is. I don't think I got one. I have ear drop antibiotics to take and normal ones (but the latter are from a family that I've had an allergic reaction to so I am not taking them plus I hate antibiotics!). But I think she said something about a viral infection so how will ABs help anyway? And if it is viral, it could take THREE MONTHS to clear! *sob*

It is really frustrating. I hate being sick. I have so many things to do and so little energy to do them with! I'm not even knitting much, though I have gone through an impressive pile of library books including quite a number of knitting books that I never got to before. I have half a dozen DVDs to watch but the laptop is very quiet and even with headphones (pain) I can't hear them very well.

I think one of the hardest things is being so far from home when you're sick. I don't really have a support network. There's just me and DH, and he has to work, so I get to feel totally lousy on my own. There's only me to look after me, boo hoo.

I hope that you are in much better health than I!

PS there will be knitting content again some time soon and I have to announce the contest winner in two days time. It's not always doom and gloom here!


  1. everyone is entitled to whine from time to time. hope you feel better!


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