G'day all!

A miracle occurred yesterday! One of my ears sorta cleared. I can now hear more stuff! Hooray! Plus it makes riding my bike a lot easier - I feel more stable. So I've been celebrating by riding to Wholefoods and back two days in a row. That wouldn't be because I forgot to buy vegies to go with the roast leg o lamb for tonight though, would it? Ahem.

So last night was the monthly knitting guild meeting. This time around, we stencilled tshirts for the upcoming Stitches West. Cutting out the stencils was not real fun but the painting was!

Here's my tshirt all stencilled up and painted:


And the result?


Imperfect but I am not too fussed. After all, the tie-dye job on the tshirt is pretty average too ;-)

I got some yarn today...



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