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G'day all!

What do you do when you pick up a languishing UFO and decide to finish it, only to find that after one row, your ears and throat are itching and your hands are burning? Is this why it is a UFO? Because you are allergic to alpaca and it has 10% alpaca? You've knitted and worn a jacket made out of the same yarn (in a different colour) without any problems, but that was before you tried processing and spinning alpaca fleece.

So do I take antihistamines and finish it or do I frog it and try to pass on the yarn to a new home (preferably by swapping for something else). It may be dusty, though it has been kept in bags and/or boxes.

In the meantime, another UFO has been glaring at me from half under my armchair. I put it there so it would guilt me into finishing it. That plan did work, eventually - a month or so later I pulled my finger out. After all it is tedious having to pick it up to vacuum under it.


Looks like a mess, doesn't it?


It is made out of some Marta's Yarns - Slubby and magic 2-ply laceweight. I can remember lurking in her shop in the city eyeballing the Slubby, knowing it was naughty to buy it but feeling the siren call.... then I found a little scrap of laceweight to make a scribble shawl out of. It also has beads strung on the laceweight (imagine trying to get them on the slubby yarn!).


It could almost work as a wrap except I am one of those people who catches on *everything*. Sometimes things go out of their way to attack me - branches and twigs that sway that bit further to snag me, that sort of thing.

Anyway, it is one less UFO to worry me. I now have the jacket, a glub (oversized mitten with two wrist holes for handholding), a kid mohair wrap and a mosaic sock to finish off. Plus a lovely shawl but I can't find the yarn for it - it is a tiny ball of laceweight to do a picot edge down the sides. I can't get more of the yarn cos I hand-dyed it ages ago and there is no more of the base plus my dyes are from a different batch. Oh, the curtain - that is a biggy! The cable baby hat that I started at guild in ?October or November. November. It got separated from the pattern and I find one or the other but not both at the same time.

I wonder what other UFOs will come lurking out to attack me if I search? I am sure I left some at home. Ah I just remembered a sock. I hate the yarn - feels like cotton, though it is wool, and my gauge is wrong so it is stiff. I can remember riding the bus Back 'Ome and knitting that sock - I have no idea why I was on the bus rather than driving but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I think I decided to Go Exploring and the bus went in a straight line to a place I'd never really been, so I hopped on and knitted away merrily. That sock might get frogged and the yarn repurposed.

I now have two new WIPS - a sock and a shawl. I don't know what it is with shawls and me. I don't wear them but I seem to like knitting them. No prizes for guessing what yarn I am knitting the sock out of.

Gosh we are having noisy day today. The volatile (red-headed) girl on the diagonal from us is having a screaming match on her phone, I think - you don't normally stand and argue with thin air? The baby upstairs is teething I think - he's the right age and he's wailing more than usual. He is at last past the h-wah-h-wah crying. The bad thing about getting somewhat more (but not all) of my hearing back is I can hear things that I might not want to hear. The good part? I can often hear the pot boiling over on the stove or the food making the Bad Noise (burning), I can hear my husband, and I can hear the little birdies outside. That is if people aren't yelling on the phone and the little man upstairs isn't bellowing. LOL

Could be worse, I could be Back 'Ome, where it is 31C at 6:45am and is headed for 43C (109F) today, tomorrow and Friday (actually yesterday, today and tomorrow, oz time).



  1. Your scribble lace project is great. Shame about the allergy though - that is quite a reaction.


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