Recycled yarn to go!

G'day all!

I need to reduce the size of my stash. Last year I stocked up on sweaters at the thrift shop, thinking we would have a long, cold winter and that they would keep me occupied and in plenty of yarn. Well plenty of yarn is right, but since we've to San Jose I won't need a quarter of what I have. Also I've worked out that certain blends disagree with me, like those with lots of angora. They make me sneeze.

So I am going to start getting rid of some of the recycled yarn I have. It is mostly wool/nylon/etc blend, silk/angora/nylon/wool and angora/nylon/wool. It may have KNOTS in it. It may need another wash and a little intimate time with a tin to help unkink it. It is cheap yarn but I usually don't knot short lengths together for spit splicing later on (unless it is cashmere and I am keeping the remaining cashmere!). If I haven't listed the approx length of the yarn, it is because I am lazy and don't want to count it all, or even a representative sample, but for you I will! Just ask me if you have any questions Postage will be by USPS - I've tried UPS and it took a month instead of a fortnight for stuff to reach Oz. It will be a charge per ounce (heavens to betsy, move to metric please!) and I usually do not put the yarn in a box as the box weighs more than the yarn does = extra cost (why yes, I do have Scottish blood in me!).

Oh note that the colours are not going to be accurate on your monitor - I can only get them within coo-ee on my monitor. This laptop screen is dodgy for colour reproduction. So if you buy or swap something, it might not look exactly as it does on the screen. About the only option for payment is paypal (unless you are in Oz and I charge Oz dollars for you - then we can do a direct credit. Not game to do direct credit in the US - system).

Blue speckly angora/nylon/wool blend. 145m/159y. 105g/3.75oz. Chunky.

Nice and warm! Soft and fuzzy. One skein is loosely plied against itself (the bottom one). I planned to make mittens or a hat out of this.

Blue speckly angora/nylon/wool blend. 200m/215y. 69g/2.4oz. Sport weight. (Top skein in pic) Unplied version of the above. If you knit two strands of it you will get about the same chunky weight.

Pink, raspberry and grey/coal angora blend. 300m/325y. 100g/3.6oz. 198m/215y. 68g/2.4oz.

The smaller skein has more raspberry in it. This is a very soft angora/nylon/wool blend. It feels lovely :-)

Purple, magenta and grey silk/angora/nylon/wool blend. 260m/285y. 110g/3.9oz. Sportweight/DK.

This has been dyed so that the middle part is mostly grey. One end is heavily dyed, the other lightly. I think it should come up quite prettily in a scarf or hat or two.

Emerald green angora/wool/nylon blend (soft, VERY green, lord knows why I bought it!),
200g/ two plied fingering weight, will knit up to a heavier weight due to angora content. Nicer green than the photo - camera hates pure colours and no amount of twiddling makes them noice.

Sunny light apricot wool/nylon. Shetland-type yarn. Prettier than the pic shows, has subtle tweedy effect.

320g/11.4oz fingering/laceweight

apricotty beige wool/cotton/acrylic blend sportweight
Approx 210g/6.7oz

beige tweedy wool blend sportweight
Approx 290g/10.7oz

If you are interested in any of these, I am happy to swap for fleece (fine :-), soft wool/cotton yarns, white/cream/pale coloured woollen yarn for dyeing, even $ (most of what I have listed I want at least $15 for). This is all stuff that is lovely but not for me.



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