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G'day all!

Still no knitting pics. Lots of knitting happening.

I want a shopping trolley so's I don't have to ride to the shops every single time. I want something likethis. But the US doesn't like the idea of walking to the shops - one must drive and therefore the only little shopping jeeps that are available are crufty folding ones (either fabric or metal and given that I've seen a number of homeless women pushing the powder-coated or bright chrome metal laundry carts, as they are marketed here, I don't really want one of them cos then the cops will pull me up too and say I'm a vagrant or some crap).

If I lived in Australia I could use the one there, or buy a really pretty one cos they had heaps of pretty ones a year ago. If I lived in the UK, I could buy a pretty one there too. But cos I live in the USA and it is too advanced for this walking to the shops bizzo, I can't get one here.

(OK, I could buy this one but I don't like the plaid on it, yes yes, I could re-cover it but that would cost more $$ cos yarn is not that cheap and enough yarn for a shopping trolley would be the same as for a jumper. Sewing? I don't have a machine and I know how slowly I handsew stuff, though I do a beautiful job if I do say so myself. No shonky jobs here!).

Grump, grump grump.



  1. You are being far too picky. If you want a shopping trolley you could hardly do better than this one: http://www.foldingcartstore.com/sitandgofoldingshoppingcart.aspx ... no more exhausting trips to WholeFoods.
    Alternatively you could pay $150 to have one shipped from the UK!
    Personally, I love these things, but you are right - I never see anyone using one here. When we lived in town (in UK) my friend had a zebra print one.

  2. But I have seen shopping trolleys in the area! They used to have them at The Container Store (now closed) and I believe I have seen them at the Elephant Pharmacy on El Camino. Call them and see... Also the huge Whole Foods in MV should be able to get one as well.... Ask around and see if they can be ordered if nothing else. I know they are there somewhere! As for the fabric pattern. just get creative and paint it if you don't like it ;)

  3. I know how you feel - it's frustrating! I hope you find something locally.

  4. I've seen them in my area, and even being used in my area by non vagrant type people. Surely they are being sold in something other then plaid?

  5. Try The Container Store at Santana Row... they are/were having a travel sale, so who knows.


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