Meet Ainsley

G'day all!

I am such a naughty blogger! It is Thursday and I haven't blogged since last week, before we went to Yosemite! Bet you are waiting for the pics too...

I am a naughty slacker cos I will have to use Flickr as my image host from tomorrow onwards. This means working out how to link to it and seeing if the pics turn out nicely. ie I have a learning curve to go through. If I get enthused, I might even redo old blog posts so that I can get stuff off my old image host. (It keeps filling up - it is a shared resource and someone keeps finding a few spare kb and enthusiastically filling them with stuff. This means DH doesn't get his mail = cranky DH.)

So without further ado, I give you Ainsley!

Or at least her fleece.

Ainsley is a corriedale ewe from Serenity Farms. She has had twins these last two springs. Her fleece is quite dark with grey hairs through it. It was finer last year but is more typically corrie this year. I've washed it all up and put it away for the nonce - I have to tidy up and get rid of a heap of stuff (hence the destash on recycled yarns. They are nice yarns but noone wants them, not even me! LOL).

I have a most bee-yoo-tee-full pair of socks to show off. I've apparently created a new cast off for them. And I've spun up a bit of sock yarn too. But those must wait! I have to get some training stuff done first - I am running a workshop in knitting in the round (emphasis on magic loop) on Saturday and I have to get a sample or two going.



  1. Ainsley is beautiful! I can't wait to see what you spin up :)


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