Done things and things to do

G'day all!

In the last month, I have knitted one pair of socks, two single socks and 1.01 pairs of socks. You've seen the pink socks but you didn't see these singletons.

panda silk sock
This panda silk sock nearly killed me. TOO MANY STITCHES and rounds. OK it is the holy blessed sock touched by the Yarnharlot herself but this sock is going to wait for a LOOOONG time before it gets any form of mate. I hated every stitch after the first 50 rounds. At least it is a summerweight sock so I got to make it short.
panda silk sock

maizy sock
This second sock of a "pair" of maizy socks was an experiment. I set up a nice pattern on the first sock waaaaay back in ?January? and it came out all lacy.
maizy sock
This sock I took up to Tahoe and got bored with trying to reinvent the pattern without having the other sock with me, so I did whatever I felt like. It ended up with a lot of holes in the leg from double yarn overs and k&p into the yarnover on the next round.
maizy sock

In other news, in 20 days my MiL and AiL will be here for a visit.

I think we need some stuff.

Like beds. We only have our too small futon at the moment. It resides on the floor. We need a new mattress anyway cos Nathan's calves dangle off this mattress - his feet get propped up by a neatly folded and wrapped pile of polar fleece bought for projects in Colorado. Once we moved to SJ we didn't need to create warm and fleecey things anymore. But a new mattress would be good and eventually a bed to go with it. We want to make one but space is at a premium here.

I'm thinking of getting a queen size futon-style mattress but nothing with latex in it. One of my sisters is allergic to latex and given the family history of allergies, I don't want to risk it. Then again I am also going to get an air mattress for visitors along with having the old futon and I'm guessing air mattresses have latex in them. But I am not going to be sleeping on it. ((Does a kind local have a mattress we can borrow for the nonce?) We need to get a frame for the current futon anyway - it would be nice to have a couch and also our visitors are not the type to be comfortable on the floor even with a mattress between them and it....

Plus having a table and chairs might be good. We currently have two kitchen chairs and two bar chairs - the bar chairs were great in Colorado but we don't have a large bench in our current place. Nowhere to sit and eat dinner bar our armchairs.

Did I say we are moving too? Not that we have a place yet but this place is going to charge an arm and a leg for a not that nice space, and they are going to charge basically the whole security deposit in repainting fees and cleaning. They had better not gouge us for the extra month of rent they made us pay....



  1. Your socks look great. If you lived over here you could have the two single mattresses that live in our garage.

  2. The blessed blue sock looks fine indeed!!!
    Good luck with the visit preparation!!!

  3. Are you near Redwood City?

    Good luck with the move...


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