Waiting waiting waiting...

G'day all!

Gosh this waiting game gets peeving after a while! MiL's plane was supposed to touch down about 2:30 and it is now nearly 6pm. Hooray! They just arrived! (That was 3.5 hours ago) But I am getting plenty of knitting on a shop model done (and having spent 10 minutes looking for it online I discover that the Nashua Knits website does not have the "Natural Focus" book on it and noone on Ravelry has knitted this cardi, or at least they have not admitted to it. It is a very pretty cardi in Ecologie Cotton - it has both lace and "cables." When I've gotten a bit more done, you'll see it. :-)

I've been putting more Yosemite pics on Flickr, for those that will. I've not tagged/etc them in the main but that will happen! (I'm natiel3 there.)

Photos one day, honest!



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