The most beautiful sock in the world

G'day all!

I have a little traffic jam of pictures now, so I have to get a blog post or two out.

I've been working on this sock pattern. I *heart* it. (Gosh I hate saying I *heart* something but in this case...)

Here's the toe. At this point I fell in lerv with this sock. Embarrassing but true. It is such girly stuff, the colours, the pattern. Every now and then I remember that I love mermaid colours. The yarn is from Ellen's Halfpint Farm. BTW, the whole sock is done and the second one is begun but you have to wait to see it.

I am as always doing the sock toe up, even though the pattern is top down. I have done a very unusual treatment at the top of the sock. It is waaaaay funky, but you have to wait to see it when I've finished the pair. I am being a bit slow on getting the second sock done as I am trying to make a heap of stitchmarkers to sell and getting a whole chunk of Blue Moon's Sheep 2 Shoe spun up (as is my current habit, I am doing it fine and it is taking FOREVER to spin up). Then I can make my first ever pair of handspun socks. They will even be superwash. Hooray!

This weekend we plan to go to Yosemite. We have no idea where we will stay cos the online booking places say "yes, rooms are available" and when we try to book, suddenly there are no rooms available! What is the point of that?



  1. Oooh, it's gorgeous! What a great pattern. :)

  2. The sock is great. Love that pattern, I can't wait to see the pair!

  3. What a very girly sock and the colours are girly too: nothing wrong with that at all!!!

  4. The Mermaid colors are so pretty!


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