Me so lucky!

G'day all!

Mesa got a parcel!

Mmmm, Posh Yarn (Emily), a wrap for the evenings here (I'm told the sea breeze will work all summer and I am really hoping it does, otherwise it will be unbearably warm), a pretty candle and some stitch holders! (Maybe now I'll stop using my Denise set as stitch holders?). From the lovely Dreamcatcher. Gosh it is good to have friends :-) I just wish we had more moulah so I could send more parcels. But that is up to me at this stage - gotta find a job! I am also looking at selling stuff on Etsy or on my old yarn site, which hasn't been updated for a year now - I still have pics of yarn and fibre I dyed before I left Oz to put up but considering I split the boxes of yarn and tops between my friends, I can't find out who has what cos they don't know either....

I also got some fleece a couple of days ago - must download pics, assuming I haven't lost the camera cable again.

I rode to a mall yesterday and discovered that a shoe shop there has the sort of shoes Nathan likes. It is only 8 miles there and back but I was whacked by the time I got home, and very hungry cos I forgot to take anything to eat with me. Today I repeated the trip (again with a lack of lunch), this time with Nathan, so he could buy shoes. He only had one pair, bought in Denver just before we hopped on the Californian Zephyr and took off to Chicago (not California). That pair of shoes has seen a lot of places - Chicago, St Paul (MN), New Ulm (MN), Washington DC, Virginia, Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Rockies, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Vancouver, Victoria (Vanc Island), Edmonton, Winnipeg (briefly), Toronto (briefly), Waterloo, San Jose and surrounds, Lake Tahoe.... Anyway, these poor shoes are worn out so we got not just one but TWO pairs of shoes for him today. And I could've bought three hundred dollars of shoes without blinking cos they have really funky shoes there of a sort that I love. Flat but funky.

Time for beddy byes. I'll go and read a little more of a Dame Frevisse murder mystery. I've been ploughing my way through a number of murder mysteries over the last year - they are usually light and fluffy and most thoroughly enjoyable.



  1. Lovely parcel. I always buy multiple pairs of shoes if they are comfy, too!

  2. Have you been to DSW on Stevens Creek? They sell shoes at a discount - sometimes big, sometimes not. They have lots of shoes by the particular maker you linked to.

    Hmmm... on second thought, perhaps you should stay away (-:

  3. Good shoes news. There are no green Winter shoes here this year :-( Nice parcel!!!


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