The Most Beautiful Socks in the World! part 2

G'day again all!

OK, I am ready to do battle with the Flickr beast. Can't believe that I didn't grok it before but well that is life!

Here are the socks being coy, from the side:

And from all sorts of angles including closeups! Sorry to those on dial-up....






The cast off will have to be blogged separately cos I knitted the second one at a knitting meetup and forgot to take pictures as I went. Doh! I'll have to re-create it for you. I'm told it is unewesual and diffrent and mebbe even noice!


Toe up version of the Kaibashira sock (Notions, Ravelry). I knitted it to the pattern, four less stitches on the sole and then increased sort of in pattern for the gusset. I did my now standard variant on Cat Bordhi's heel-tecture, which is similar to my variant on the Beaudelaire heel created by Cookie A. I played around with the placement of the pattern around the heel shaping - I really wanted to have just one garter row on either side of it but alas my foot length did not cooperate and I had to split the pattern halfway through the repeat. Still, it worked out just fine, eh?

Yarn: Ellen's Halfpint Farm Wool Bamboo. No colourway listed. Bought at Stitches.

Excuse me whilst I indulge myself. It is my blog, after all.




  1. Oohh, so pretty! Perfect for summer.

  2. Oooh they are rather gorgeous!

  3. Pretty pretty socks.

  4. Wow, that is so pretty how the the colors just seem to melt into each other. You should be proud!

  5. This is the post where all the pictures showed up togeteher and at once!! They ARE the most beautiful girly socks in the world and you can celebrate them as long as you like!!!


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