Whoopsy! MIA

G'day all!

I should have lots to show and tell today after a week MIA but you know what?

Nada! I have pics of stuff but no time to edit them and show them off. I have been dyeing things and doing a little spinning and stuff but my MiL is arriving on Monday and I am in panic tidy/clean mode. Plus DH had a melt down and I am knitting a shop model plus had to do HOURS of swatches for a class I ran today (blocking. LOL. I know how to block but I am naughty and only block lace - the rest gets washed and that's good enough!).

We bought an inflatable bed today along with a new keyboard for Nathan (did you know if someone is cranky enough, they can break a keyboard in half?). I found a bamboo scrubbing brush - I've been looking for a scrubbing brush that won't haunt generations to come or delight future archaeologists mining our rubbish dumps. So exciting, eh? LOL My little bike trailer was full with all the boxes plus another smaller fan cos the 20" fan is very nice but NOISY! And I think the in laws, being Ladies of a Certain Age and from a place where it is winter will need a fan...

If you saw our place at the moment, you would wonder that it is supposed to be clean and tidy and ready for the invading mongol hordes (well ok, MiL and one of her sisters and then two Canadians). Also the table and chairs I want so we can sit down and dine like civilised people not savages with their computers in front of them? Well I rather thought that a delivery charge of $80 was pretty steep, particularly given the setting is very small (apartment sized) and the place is only 3 miles away. I would load the stuff on my bike trailer but even a table a metre across is about 20cm too wide to get in, let alone four chairs....

Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have everything, no, most things under control. Our bed will be in the study (which will be tidy as much as a 3mX3.5m room with a bed, two bookshelves, one large chrome set of shelves and a desk can be) along with our clothes and two beds will be installed in the bedroom (obviously not king sized beds). Cross fingers for me!

I shall show off stuff soon. Well eventually :-)



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