Me want!

G'day all!

So I am trawling the innernet looking for a pattern for a baby jumper. It just so happens that the yarnharlot today asked what is everyone's favourite baby sweater. How conweenient!

So I am trawling through the links and looking stuff up on ravelry and ME WANT! (Ravelry link and pattern link). Stuff the baby I want one for ME!

(OK, I'm a geek. And a nerd.)

Speaking of which, what do you think makes a kid go off the rails? I was a pathetically nerdy kid with no self esteem yet I always wore the things I liked, not necessarily what was fashionable (actually, same deal these days) and always resisted peer pressure. Funny sort of lack of self-confidence, wouldn't you say? Just cos other people did stuff didn't mean I had to. Quite often, I'd push the other way instead and do the dorky things. I was overprotected and quite possibly spoilt. It never occurred to me to rebel.

Did you ever rebel? Do you regret having rebelled or not rebelled?

Odd question but something came up and I have no experience in rebellion. Passive aggression, yes, subversiveness, yes but not rebellion.



  1. I think I can be quite subversive...


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