G'day all!

So here we were, planning our trip to Colorado in a couple of weekends, working out how much it will cost and when the train runs and then we find out....

The train is NOT running through the Rockies when we want/have to go! It is being diverted around the Rockies and through southern Wyoming.


The trip through the Rockies is apparently spectacular. Nathan google-earthed it last night and it goes through a lot of canyons, including canyons that cars don't access. We had been looking forward to this ever since it became obvious that we had to move to California. Amtrak says that the temporary route is also spectacular with wide vistas and access to places that are rarely seen from trains but we want to go through the Colorado Rockies. *pout*

Mutter grumble. Looks like I am missing out on Estes Park AGAIN! Last year I missed it by a week after our visas took two weeks not two days to process. Plus we wanted to catch up with friends and see the beautiful scenery there. We could fly across but that is not as efficient CO2-wise and nowhere near as interesting (but a LOT faster) plus we would have to deal with homeland security again - they don't like people travelling on foreign passports (obviously terrorists!) and always take us aside to search us (except when five chaps had set the alarms off with their belts or whatever and their holding area was full).


(Knitting content one day! Honest!)



  1. Whichever way you go - I bet you'll have great photos :)


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