G'day all!

In a recent fit of badness, I bought some yarn!

Ooo, I am so naughty! It was yarn for which I have no purpose!

Y'see there was a knit meeting at Knitting Arts in Saratoga. They are clearing out some of their excess yarn. Oh dear.

Here's a bag that is supposed to make a shawl or wrap but I thought it would be good to make something else, not that I know what that something else might be - maybe some of it could become a tank top. Or maybe not. It has lots of noice yarns in it in rather Lynne colourways.

The whole lot cost me $30 (plus tax).

Then there were bags and bags and bags of yummy Koigu KPPM in semi-solids. Oh I lusted! Lust lust lust!

Eventually, a few of us cut a number of deals and I ended up with this:

at a bargain price. Woo hoo! Got me some Koigu - my first ever.

Heh. Would you think I've got an extreme case of the crabs at the moment? Gosh I am snippy. I've written two snippy emails to places today (one to a place that keeps asking me to renew my subscription even though they have not sent me any magazines for months (and yes I have updated the address ages ago), and the other to a mob who are having a native plant sale up in the hills, totally out of PT and bike reach (unless we want to ride three different buses for two hours and then ride our bikes up a narrow and steep road into the hills). Of course if we had a car, it would be different but then again having a car is not exactly upholding the native plant ethos IMO).



  1. The yarns are awesome. I think you made some good purchases.

  2. ooohhh weee those koigu colours are fantastic!!!!

  3. Ooh I spy me some Damask and Rowanspun 4ply! And Koigu *drools*. Nice bargains!

    Congrats on becoming a Real Person again m'dear!


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