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G'day all!

Sarah was interested in what I am making and what I am making it from.

Well, here is the front (incomplete!) of the Drops tshirt I am making.

It is in Classic Elite Premiere yarn, a 50:50 cotton:tencel blend. I am sure it will pill and not look so pretty in all too short a time but we will try it out. it is very soft against my skin. The contrast (which is not part of the pattern) is a slightly heavier weight - 100% pima cotton called T'ika from Mirasol. The colours are not quite right but I have jiggered them to be within some sort of coo-ee of what they really should be. They are a little greyer/less saturated than shown. So far it has been a pretty easy knit, as long as I remember to cross the cables correctly. 8-D

I was knitting it at Nathan's work yesterday and one of his workmates asked me how do I do the cables without a cable needle. This was a guy! I shall have to question him further at some point.

I've had to put down the top for me for the time being as I have to some special knitting to do.

I was going to show the progress on my new socks, but forgot to edit and upload the pic and have to do dinner shortly. The designer of the sock is a local yarn shop owner. It is a shop I have not been to yet (the only day I got there they had just shut) (Purlescence in Sunnyvale). Speaking of local yarn shops, a new yarn shop opened on Saturday and it is only a mile away = I can WALK to it! Green Planet Yarn.

Oh dear, we are in for strife now! Or at least our budget. It has lots of American yarns and a heap of stuff that is great for knitting summer tops out of. I can see I will be investing in some bamboo (even though I am not sure how "green" these yarns are - after all they are extruded like rayon and even acrylic/nylon but at least are based on plant polymers not petroleum, but do come from China...). Cotton is not particularly environmentally sensitive either but I can wear it against my skin, unlike wool (where only the softest wools are tolerated by my hands and feet and not at all by my head or my body/arms/legs).



  1. I do like those cables and the contrast trim you added! I still have yet to try the bamboo, but it's on my 'to get to' list, though it may be awhile since I'm going through a felting obsession at the moment ;)

  2. Now that is a very delightful colour!!!

  3. Ooh very pretty top.

    That new LYS looks good!


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