Licensed to earn!

G'day all!

I am still a slacker - still haven't dealt with the huge backlog of pics that I have but I have news!

I am now allowed to go find work! I have a work permit!

Yesterday I got a letter saying that my application had been approved and today? A pretty card with an awful photo of me showed up. Hooray!

I am a little shocked by it all cos the application only went in last month and I expected to wait until June, so now I guess I should be getting my resume up to date (having not worked for hmm, well over a year) and looking for jobs that I would enjoy.

Plus if I want I can start dyeing yarn again, and update the yarnivorous yarns website. Some friends back 'ome have the old yarn and fibre in tubs but I foolishly didn't label the tubs and I don't know who has what yarn and fibre - makes it hard to sell stuff when it isn't easily locatable!

And I can become a Real Person! Until now I've basically only existed in the eyes of homeland security, and I have not been a Real Person. To be a Real Person in the USA, you have to have a social security number. Without an SSN, you are pretty much crippled. You can't have an SSN unless you are eligible to work. SSNs are used for all sorts of purposes not just tax. Like when I have an SSN I can then apply online for various things, I can develop a credit rating (more important than you would think here), all sorts of stuff that I can't think of in all the excitement.

In less exciting news, now that I am over 40, the doctors are less willing to prescribe the Pill, and also want me to do things like mammograms! Holy guacamole, I don't want a mammogram! I am quite obviously not a Lady of a Certain Age and my boobs are not squishable. Anyway, it all makes me wonder if women just plain don't have sex after 40 cos let's face it, condoms are not much fun! (Especially when one is a bit dodgy with latex.)

On that charming note, I bid you



  1. Yay! I always knew you were real :)

    That is great news.

  2. Congratulations on being a person!

    I just turned 40 and I've been thinking about some boob-squishing. My dh is "fixed" so that's good. But he did have a failed vas reversal (before we decided to adopt) and a tiny part of me worries that someday, like when I'm 45, it will finally kick in. What fun.

  3. Congrats on the permit and finally being a real person!! That should make life easier :)

  4. Awesome. Real person-hood is a worthy accomplishment! I am looking forward to seeing your dyed yarns up for sale where I can reasonably afford the cost of shipping.

  5. LOL,welcome back to the world? well we knew you were here,great news that you can get cracking on that job/money making bit!!
    Hmm,squishy boobs? no probs there,after 5 bouncing boys? LOL know where you're coming from though,bit scary!!!!

  6. i know about the whole dodgy latex thing, i have the same problem. and the substitutes? 3 times as expensive. i hate toput a price on love, but seriously. my eldest is 13 1/2, and i do not intend to give him a younger sibling.

    congrats on the card! you can has jobnow!


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