Blessed hummer!

G'day all!

oh boy oh boy! A hummer has discovered the feeder I put up last week!

So excited!

And no it isn't one of the monstrous vehicle type hummers - wouldn't want one of those hanging around my back patio (or the front one, or anywhere near me actually). I've been eyeballing the local hummingbirds and wondering if one will come visit if I entice it, and it is and it has - the amount of sugar water in the feeder has gone down over the last day (since I re"filled" it, actually). It had a last sip after sunset last night and before when I was weeding the "garden" it hovered around the feeder and checked me out.

I took a while to decide to feed the beasties - I don't think it is right to feed wild things in general but we don't have hummers at home and this is the only way I'll get to see one relatively close up. I'm told only one will come to the feeder cos the type we have here are territorial. We'll see. I've also got some native seedlings growing, some of which are good for hummer feeding, but they are taking their own sweet time (ie they are only four leave seedlings yet - GROW you little mongrels!)

I have much to show and tell when I finally get pics of it, or edit pics. I've been knitting and crocheting like a mad ting and ripping it out again and starting again. Blah. We hired a car and went for a couple of drives on the weekend - very pretty! The wildflowers around here are going nuts :-)



  1. ack I never knew hummies were teritorial. The ones here drink the feeders clean in a day or two but they are so cute.

  2. I haven't seen a hummingbird close up, but I am hoping to attract the goldfinches with the thistle seed. My father has them in his yard and they are bright yellow like lemons.

    I posted a comment on your bike challenge, but don't know if you get them emailed on previous posts.inzv

  3. If your seedlings are still in pots, you can try encouraging them by keeping their "toes" warm. Try a hot water bottle under the punnet/tray (not too hot - maybe a "warm" water bottle), or a heat pad like they use for oldies. They are usually low-heat-output and should be resistant to a little moisture ;'P

  4. Did you have the ruby-throated hummers down under?

    They won't reach Vermont for a little while yet, but I ought to get my feeder up. It hangs on the back porch right behind one of the armchairs; I get a huge kick when an unsuspecting guest sits there and hears that bzzzz right behind their head. :-)

  5. I've not seen a hummingbird ever but they sound lovely.


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