Have you ever... ssk vs k2tog

G'day all!

So I am knitting frantically on a Secret Project. I've had it on the go for waaaaaay too long. I want it finished. I've spun up some more yarn and all for it.

Hooray, I said at 9:40 last night - I've finished! All I need to do is graft the two ends together! Yay me!

At 10:40, after ripping some of it back cos I had made a *very* obvious mistake, I finished again!

At 11:30, I finished for the third time! Hooray for me! Yep, the same mistake on the *other* part of the project.

Now when I look at it, I see that on one, along the lines of faggoting/ladders that add interest to otherwise boring stocking stitch, I've used ssk on one side and k2tog on the other of the ladder. So that is ssk. yo, k1, yo, k2tog on one end of the piece and k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk on the other. Alas! *And* I've changed my mind on occasion about which to use. Ah well. It all looks ok until you examine closely, knowing what you are looking for. Yes it would only take another day to fix it up but I want to have the thing finished and I am not sure the recipient will notice. Must say though that the pattern looks better to me when it is ssk, yo, k2, yo, k2tog. (Writes mental note to self.)

Can you see pics of it? Not yet! Later. Including the differences between the ssk and k2tog order. Haven't got pics yet - I finished the knitting late last night and it is dull here this morning (after days and days and days of sunshine).

In other news, we've done all sorts of things this week. We got our taxes done on Monday, well Nathan got his taxes done - I don't have any income at this stage (though now I can have an income. Whee!) I haven't yet applied for a social security number cos I've been slack. This week I've been feeling crook, crook in the way when I have a reasonable amount of milk. It makes me feel weak and nauseated with heartburn, and even the excitement of palpitations if I do much exercise. I've been working on a set of shelves made out of pine. Gosh pine is horrid to work with - I've been used to hardwoods for any wookworking projects and whilst pine is soft and easy to saw, it also has terrible tear out problems. The good news with the shelves is that they all stick together - my mortise and tenon joints work - the bad news is that they look rustic (ie the mortises are all wonky) and need some more adjustments so that they fit better. They'll always look rustic.

I've been quiet this week cos my desk is being the saw horse outside. It is hard to write much when you have to sit on the floor with your monitor on the tool box to get it high enough so that you don't totally kill your neck/back. The old knees are not so happy about the arrangement either - having to bend lots and lift me up and down. The carpet is pretty horrible too - cheap scratchy nylon. Sitting or lying on it is uncomfortable (hence a layer of fleecy fabric between me and it). I've noticed lots of places have nasty cheap nylon carpet that gets replaced very frequently. Must take an environmental toll.

Enough blathering!



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