ANZAC Day 2008

G'day all!

Another Anzac Day. April 25. It has already come and gone in the two countries that hold it most dear (that would be Australian and New Zealand - ANZ) but it is still the 25th here.

This is the first Anzac Day I've "celebrated" away from Oz. Goodness, guess who forgot to do her minute's silence at 11am? I probably was quiet then but not in deliberation.

Last year I wrote a very long post with pictures and quotes from postcards sent back by my Pop (maternal grandfather). This year I have not much to add except reading the coverage and the tales in the local newspaper Back 'Ome gave me a few more reflective moments. All those young men and women going off to places far that they had never dreamed of seeing - it would've been like going to the moon!

Anyway it is very odd to be here, where Anzac means nothing. Then again, Americans in Australia would feel the same sort of dislocation when it comes to July 4 and Thanksgiving. Oddly enough Australians celebrate neither of those events (which surprises some Americans as they are so central to US culture).

So, since this is my fibre blog, I shall show something with lots of fibre!

I am making a Christmas stocking for some friends, or more for one of their kids. Here's how it looked a day or two ago.

Intarsia. Hmm. To neaten it up (and on occasion get that extra 10" of yarn rather than having Even More Ends to tie in) I pull the stitches one by one. You can see the result - that green thread looped across the front.

Plus I bought a little crochet cotton, which I intend to hold double to make some sort of string bag. Eventually. But first I have to finish the Christmas stocking (knitting is complete, now for the ends and some embroidery/duplicate stitch) and a pair of socks (first sock is about to start the heel turn) by the end of the month. Fun! (and if anyone knows of a pic of the same design stocking that is finished, let me know - I don't have a pic only the graph.)

Also in the pic is a copy of "Knitting on the Road" by Nancy Bush. Apparently it is now out of print, so I scoured the net for a whole 10 minutes and found a copy for sale at what I considered a reasonable price (about USD18) and snaffled it. Woo hoo!



  1. It was a better day than for the last 11 years: far less talk about 'mateship' in a cringing way!!
    Love the stocking, nothing like getting in early!!

  2. I love that book. I like all of Nancy Bush's books though so...

    Happy Anzac day to you (one day delayed)!

  3. Have met quite a few Aussies and Kiwis here and they apparently had a bit of a pub gathering in honor of Anzac day (any excuse, right?). But it is only now, after reading your post that I find myself thinking, "What IS Anzac day???". shall have to go Google...

  4. Well, we remembered, since our American daughter was born that day, while in Oz. But we weren't able to bake Anzac bikkies, even though we found some golden syrup.


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