Magknits goes bye-byes

G'day all!

Hope you weren't making a lot of stuff from Magknits! Kerrie pulled the site down!

Ravellers can be happy as various of the designers will put the designs on Ravelry (search for Magknits and read the threads) and the Island of Misfit Patterns has offered to host patterns there (handy for non-Ravellers). It will take a bit of time though cos various of the designers are going to reformat the patterns into PDFs etc.

In the meantime, you can google for the pattern name and look at the cached version (no pics though cos that links to magknits).

Bizarre eh?



  1. What is bizarre to me is how many Ravelers keep starting threads asking if the Magknits site is down today, or why they can't find the Jaywalker pattern. Have they not read the 90 other threads on it?

  2. I was making Basic Black Cardi, and hadn't printed out or saved the pattern. I found it cached though. Very bizarre!!

  3. Chris reminded me about the Way Back machine so hopefully people will think about using that to find stuff but I don't think you can see the photos :(

  4. I saw a note posted on someone's blog this morning about it. It seems very sad, but a lesson to remind us all to print out patterns we like, just in case.


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