Even More Birthday Stuff

G'day all!

I thought I should abuse your eyeballs with some birthday presents. Presents-wot-I-didn't-organise-myself. Surprise presents!

The lovely mrspao sent me some goodies all the way from England:

yummy choc-rice things and some Hipknits sock yarn in a colourway that is very me. Nathan says "too pale" but those pale colours look good on me.

And my blogless friends M and M in Oz got a bunch o' people to contribute to rectifying a Great Problem - can you tell what it is from this pic?

Oh and it was not just one block of chocolate - the big pic shows that I have a 14 week supply! However, under stress it will probably last about 10 weeks. My *Very favourite* chocolate cos I have never poisoned myself with it, though with that many blocks I probably could if I tried to eat it all at once 8-)

Lovely prezzies! I really appreciate the thought you guys put into the things you sent me :-)

Now for a pic taken last night at a friend's house. He has two lovely grey tabbies, but the girl is extra-special. She loves being held and patted and purrs like a mad thing. Makes us miss our pusses back in Oz.

Ain't they sweet? She is even kneading away whilst posing for the camera.



  1. Glad you liked it :) That is a very beautiful cat!


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