How to keep a fool occupied for hours

G'day all!

Last night I decided to wind my large skein of striping sock yarn into balls. Oh how to keep me occupied for hours!

First it is blue:

then it is red/pink:

and sometimes it is mauve and blue or mauve and pink! And it keeps making pretty colours! Oh what a happy time of drooling. I almost want to run it back through the ball winder again! Dribble.

Last night I promised a finished sock. Well I did eventually get there but the sun was just setting, so I had to take pics under the halogen bed light with my foot on a spare pillow. Excuse the hairy leg :-)

And here is the other side where my foot doesn't look so mutant.

I modified the pattern. I needed a longer toe. I also had 67 stitches (?? how'd I get an odd number?) on the foot. That helped make the swirling different. This sock destroys bamboo needles, btw. There is lots of poking needles in the wrong direction into two stitches. I'll have to carefuly sand down the tips of the needles - just as well I have two pairs these days! The sock is quite tight - see how it curves around my heel and into my instep? I didn't know I had such an arch - I've got flat broad feet, something to do with the lax ligaments I inherited from my Pop.

I have two things planned for Project Spectrum so far, plus I need to make a charity item. Didn't get the charity item done last time. Actually, didn't get anything made out of stash either cos I just had too much on my plate.

Thank you, Lyn, for your comments about the spin-ins. I know some of the old girls are very sprightly indeed, and I do wish you would not take offence at me drawing a wide brush. I overgeneralise on occasion. Some of the ladies I talk to at the guild are very happening people but I do wish that things like committee meetings and even better spin-ins occurred when I could attend... I get a set number of annual leave days and I don't like using them up on one-off days off work.

I finally got a bit of dyeing done tonight. I locked the cats out of the kitchen cos it is too cold and dark to go outside and newspapered up the floor and then mixed up the food colours. Pics tomorrow, along with pics of a new sock toe. If you are lucky, cos tomorrow is crafties night.

Speaking of crafties, last Wednesday, that's a week ago now, Peeve and ChocolateTrudi and I got together and had a night of pawing through Peeve's sock yarn stash and gawping at her books.
See all this yarn?

There is more than that in Peeve's stash - her Stash Flashing showed it all. It was very pleasing to be covered in sock yarn and see some real live No No Kitty. I lust after both of those skeins - they are in the pic with the ironstone yarn.

Trudi brought along some yarn to swap with me, only I didn't know I shoul bring yarn to swap so I got very embarrassed. See what she gave me? I shall have to spin some nice stuff for her.

And these three balls of yarn were dyed by Trudi. I found the purple blue mauve ball is actually two balls of yarn. Thanks, Trudi! I shall have to make it up to you! The yarn is laceweight, and there is a bit of a funny story about it.

In September 2004, there was a great excitement on the SnB list. Yarn had been spotted for 99c at Dimmey's (a store which sells seconds and end of line stuff). The SnB hoards descended upon the various outlets and like locusts started stripping the great boxes of yarn bare.

So I've decided to pop into Dimmey's on the way home. As I hurry off the train and towards Dimmey's, this Spanish guy starts chatting me up. "You have such PASSION in your eyes! Come with me! Have a coffee with me. I make music for you!" He could not have known that the passion in my eyes was the excitement of going to buy nice CHEAP yarn! I passed up his kind offer to make music for me, even though I was tempted - but I wanted to go buy yarn more and there was a little matter of getting married at the end of that week....

Anyway, Trudi got lots more of it than me it seems - I only got 26 balls of it. I think she said she got about a hundred! The dyed stuff was some of the white yarn like that I blogged ages ago.

BTW, Trudi is a published author on her second trilogy. Her books are very entertaining (gee that sounds sorta trite but like as soon as they come out I buy them and devour them, and ooh, the next is due out in May?) and Nathan got grumpy at the end of one of them cos Trudi wrote it the way she wanted to, not the way Nathan thought it should go.



  1. Oh, your self striping yarn is so pretty wound up into its lovely yarn cake! I like how your STR is knitting up, too. And too funny about that guy detecting and misinterpreting the passion in your eyes! :D

  2. Lol! Foolish man should have offered to make yarn, not music!

    I did go a bit silly with the Dimmeys yarn, visiting the Richmond store twice and both the Forest Hill and Ringwood stores. At the time I was broke, and most of my stash was odd balls of op shop yarn, so the opportunity to buy more than one or two balls of the same thing cheaply was impossible to pass up on.

    The total number of balls I bought was 76, I think. Unfortunately most was mohair, and I discovered I'm not all that keen on mohair.

  3. And the funny thing is that I saw the picture, thought, oooh, cool sock yarn stash! And it took me a few seconds to realise it was MY sock yarn stash!

  4. i forgot to tell you yesterday, but those selfish people on the train need to be grateful that they don't live in japan. there, they hire people to cram as many people in the cars as they can before they shut the doors. no sprawling over 2 seats there!

    your yarn is dishy, as usual, and trudi's yarn is gorgeous, too!

    the sock looks fine, keep up the good work!

  5. oooh gorgeous yarn...

    Cant wait to see the "dye job" lol

    love the sock pattern.

    love the self striping yarn you wound too


  6. Me again, and certainly not taking any offence - just saying. I know the frustrations of missing out on things you want to go to, although I must say I think you get buckets more stuff done than anyone I know! All that fabulous dyeing and experimenting. You fit an awful lot into each 24 hours - good on you. Keep up the inspiring work.

  7. I love Trudi's books!!! I have them all and soon a new one??!!! I knew she was an author and then one day I 'found' her on a knitting forum and it made me extremely happy to think she was an author AND a knitter!!!
    Love the yarn dyeing. The sock is very nice and stripy!!! Your foot looks fairly normal!!

  8. Oh, Peeve, I'm laughing at you!! Hee hee.

    Lynne, I have bad news about Regia Nation Color #5399 - I got it last year and it was hard to find then.........


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