Plumbing the depths

G'day all!

Well what a stinker of a day it has been here! It started off with a bit of drizzle, very light, no problemo, we can do all the outdoor work we need to in this. Except someone (moi) had a very lazy start to the day after being up for two hours in the wee hours with an unknown ailment (I think I got cold, like physically cold, not caught a cold). So at 1pm I was finally ready to face the day and the rain started. Nathan checked the radar and found that we seemed to be under the one place in Melbourne where it rained all day.


I have 6 skeins of yarn that I have to get dry (three are still in the dyepot) and everything is damp. Truly dismal. It's been grey all day (and I am solar powered). The washing is waiting to get dry. Only one drying rack can fit in front of the heater. No we don't have a drier - I hate the things and won't have one. It *is* great for the garden.

So instead of photos of what I've been dyeing and what I've been up to, you get this:

Yes, I am truly plumbing the depths when I take pictures of the bubbles in a dirty wok. Worse, when I put a pic of a dirty wok on my blog.

Plus you get this:

A TV with a tail (a tail to tell?). Not long after it grew a tail, it sprouted some very cat like paws and a head. The tail, and the rest of it, belongs to none other than

Cheshire, Queen of Ze Galaxy, seen here enthroned upon the old futon mattress (tied up with cheap orange acrylic and dumped in the loungeroom cos it can't go anywhere else, and certainly not out to the garage in this weather).

Yesterday I discovered the local Scroatfight offshoot, sparty's, has lolly bags that are big enough to fit 2-4 balls of yarn into. Excellent! Once I can reach my stash again (one wall of the fibre room is being painted and all the stuff is in the way of my stash) I can start bagging stuff up. And I found some Wilton's cake dyes, so I bought three colours to play with. Plus it had some cute little soft toys. I am a sucker for bears. I don't buy them any more cos I have more than I know what to do with, but this little bloke saw me for the sucker I am. I picked him up and looked at him, then looked at another one, but all the time I heard him saying,

"C'mon, buy me and take me home. C'mon, you know you want me!" He fixed me with his beady little stare and his quirky set of his head and stared me down with his little black eyes. Blasted smarty pants bear making me buy him.

I gave in. Then I had to go back and get a refund cos he scanned at $3 more than his label said (technically I should get him free I believe but like for $7 who was I fighting?).

Today, oh today. We wandered around Bunnings for TWO HOURS looking at stuff. So much stuff.... I did some more painting in the fibre room (that should be house blogged). I tried my hand at cooking my special bread but forgot about it and looky what happened....

GOOP everywhere!

I did some spinning (no pics cos it has been very dull all day and flash shots don't work well on my spinning) and a teensy bit of knitting and some tidying. Oh dull dull day! And tomorrow, well tomorrow is an anniversary, the first anniversary of my father dying, so I don't see it being a good day!



  1. sorry you had such a gloomy day - I'm sending lots of sunny thoughts your way and a hug to get you through today.

  2. What a strange day you had!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a bummer of a day - although when it's rainy here I also try to remind myself how much the plants like it! It makes me feel a little better.

    I'm sending hugs and warm thoughts for tomorrow :)

  4. OMG look at that bread-monster :-) Is he auditioning for next week's Doctor Who?

    Sorry it has been dull and grumbly where you are, the weather here today has been dull and damp too.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  5. i understand about gloom completely. we havent' seen the sun since thursday, and i'm totally bummed. it's not supposed to come back until tuesday, and i'm going to home depot to buy the lumber now, and miss the rush (fortunately, i have 2 of each animal i want to kee, 2 boys, and 2 cats, i don't need 2 marks, lol). oy.

  6. Wow, that looks like a massive pain to clean up all the bread goop. And GF bread goop seems especially sticky to me...

    Cute tail o' the TV.


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