Anzac Day

G'day all!

Whoops! No wonder noone commented - this was a draft not the published thing! Odd... So we go back to Tuesday.

Today is a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, the day when we commemorate a whole lotta Aussies, Kiwis, Poms and Turks getting slaughtered at Gallipoli in Turkey, plus all the other wars and spats we've been involved in along the way. It really is for the ANZACs though (and I don't mean the biscuits featuring oat and golden syrup).

Long time readers might remember that my Pop, Mum's father, was an ANZAC. He fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front in WWI, including at the Somme. He suffered some horrible wounds, being an early recipient of facial plastic surgery at one point, but always went back to the war - it was the best fun he ever had I think. He was a fruit loop I realise now but Granma loved him and he was my Pop. He's been dead 30 years in ?July? He scared me witless with his rough voice (the result of being mustard gassed more than once) and his shock of curly white hair (but with short sides) and his height and his disgusting sloppy bristly kisses for his youngest grandchild.

So every Anzac Day, I stop to remember my Pop and learn more about that war.

We did a lovely drive to visit my brother today. It is good to catch up with family. Then we stopped at a good native plant nursery and spent Too Much Money (again). Phil Vaughan has some great plants. He does sanctioned trips to WA and brings back cuttings of totally amazing Western Australian flora. I didn't even think of taking pics of his magnificent garden. We also checked out a place that has Hooblerstone, which we would like to use as highlights on our house when we rip the old vinyl cladding off and render polyfoam boards. Our house is not going to look the same as all the other little ranch style houses built about the same time. Oops, that is houseblog fodder.

Today was the first truly lovely day we have had in quite a few days. It was beautifully sunny. Crisp this morning - some places would've had a frost but we just got a bit chilly and sun sun sun all day long. Be-yoo-ti-ful!

The only sad thing about it being sunny? I didn't get a pic of my newly completed socks cos it was dark when we got home. I can see I am going to have to do photo shoots at work for the next few months to get stuff shown in daylight rather than under flash. But I do have new FOs! Hooray for my main Project Spectrum item! I have another to finish and have not (again) done the charity knitting I wanted to, but I did knit four or five squares to help warm Grace, so I hope that compensates a bit.

Finally, I have to tell all Aussies with a T2 (purveyors of a hundred or more types of fine tea) nearby to get yourself along and smell the chocolate chai. I am not a tea drinker but I need to get me a baggie of this so I can just sit and smell it all day long. OK, it would look a little funny if I was scoring a sniffy hit of choc chai during a training session.... I don't think I'd like to drink it though. It just could not taste as good as it smells cos it smells soooo very good! It smells better in the tin than in the little sniffy bowls they have. Even better, one of my lucky overseas friends who drinks tea in the tea-benighted USA is scoring herself a hit! Even if she doesn't like the taste, the smell is good enough all by itself :-)

Isn't it odd to see one of these

with these only a couple of metres away?

That is enough rambling for today. I am very tired, the result of a bit of driving, a lot of talking and looking and feeling rather hungry after a very long night. For some reason I can't eat tuna anymore and last night was up for a good three hours wrangling an unhappy gut. Getting to sleep properly at 4am is not much fun. If you asked me what time it is right now I would say it is well after midnight but it isn't - it's not much after 10pm.



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