Because I am fickle

G'day all!

I'm blogging on a Thursday night! This is because DH doesn't come home until late. I've already done a rack full of dishes (apparently it was my turn, again... and again...) and put dinner on. Now I have time to blog!

Today our interpid explorer ventures out of the confines of the office and into the wilds of the city. Yes there will be some knitting content, and you'll see in what way I am fickle.

A park 5 minutes from work (if the traffic lights are kind). The ash trees are changing colour.

No good camouflage here for the knitting.

The best trees are about 10 minutes away (if the traffic lights are kind) outside Jeff's Shed (the Melbourne Exhibition centre, not to be confused with the Melbourne Exhibition Buidlings which are at exactly the other side of the CBD).

They are right next to the Polly Woodside, the clipper at rest in this shot.

Pretty colours, but do they provide camouflage?

I think so!

Yep the mate to the sock I knitted last month, a mateless sock that has been awaiting April's project spectrum colours. Jessie dyed the yarn and you too can buy yarn off her website! Just scroll down to see what she has been up to and then hop across to her commercial website... Anyway, now you know in what way I am fickle - I've thrown aside the lovely gradient sock to make a pair of socks!

The building I work in reflected by the buidling across the road, with a plane tree doing its drab sorta autumn thang

The view from my new desk - southwards

Southeastwards - I live about 18 miles out behind the brown buildings. Nope, can't see home from the city!

And the things I look at most out my window:

The Yarra (and the trainlines)

And the Bay (Port Phillip). There are often little yachts sailing around on it, at least on good days. In the big pic you can see the Mornington Peninsula vaguely - it wasn't very clear today. That is about 100km/60mile drive to get to there. I love going down the peninsula. I love going to Dromana and raiding the wool shop there, and the craft shop. Oops, the secret is out!

Finally - some things awaiting my arrival at home. We have some ratty old chairs on the front porch, now with a ratty old blanket on them and the cats love to sit there and watch the world go by (rather like their humans!).

Today's handy dandy typing tip? Make sure that you put the F in SHIFT. Especially when saying "shift from one side to the other." Otherwise, it puts a hwole new spin (ahem!) on what you are trying to convey.

Hooray for Easter! I am not a Christian, so for me it is four days off work.


PS - I am nearly up to the eleventy-eleventh commenter on my blog. Someone will get a prize! You gotta be in it to win it!


  1. How can you tell what number commentor you're on???

    Well, that's a lovely sock that certainly deserves a mate and the trees did provide wonderful camoflage.

    We don't get any extra days off for the Easter business, alas...

  2. Hoorah for Easter indeed! I'm off until the 24th! Mucho gardening has been done this afternoon. Love the autumnal colours of the trees. We rarely see those kind of reds here.

  3. Great sock, if I do say so. I have NO recollection of dyeing that. Can you refresh my memory?

  4. That's a lovely sock and it's nice to see that it already has a mate.

    The view from your office windows isn't too bad.

    Can you see the Aquarium from your window? I really enjoy going there whenever in Melbourne.

    Happy Easter (4 days off).


  5. I didn't realise you worked close to where my DH works. The coffee shop at Jeff's Shed is their regular haunt (they suffered when it was closed due to security thingies during the Games). Nice pics. Nice socks.


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