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G'day all!

Thank you for your kind comments regarding the yarn and the top. If you like the look of the top. go borrow Stitch and Bitch Nation from the library or buy it from your favourite bookshop. Be warned that there are some sizing issues for larger ladies, and that means anything over the 36" size.

Here's a little something I found fascinating the other day. As I drooled over the stitch patterns in Stitchionary vol 1 I noticed something.

Remember the cedar Creek sock? Currently all alone and by itself?

Well check out the sock stitch compared to the stitch pattern on page 20.

Umm, yep, they'd be the same then, just knitted in different yarn.

I am still feeling a bit indifferent to the colours in the yarn. However, my centre pull ball of yarn looked like this after a week of travelling in my bag, and that I really like!

It looks like reflections!

Sometime ago, I made a butterfly out of some tops that I had dyed.

I split it into green/orange and mauve/green/blue. Here's the orange and green navajo plied up. It is stripy! The colour representation for the green is fine but the orange is not really that salmon.

I also like the aftermath of the dyeing - I have been doing it outside on the grotty old outdoors table that has been used for many things over the years. It is a pity that the colours wash off in the rain.

Remember the gradient dyed yarn?

Well the toe looks like this:

I have knitted somewhat more of it now, striping it with some commercially dyed black sock yarn (if I want solid colours I just buy it - why dye stuff that you can buy? I dye yarn to get colours I can't buy). Pics when I get them off the camera, prolly tomorrow since I have plenty of pics for tonight!

A little colour from the garden. This is one of my favourite plants (OK, I admit it - I have MANY favourites). The flowers are only about a centimetre across but they are such a lovely purple and they have little stringy bits hanging off them. It is called Calytrix fraseri (if I can trust google)

I have to get in touch with some of you about the yarn. None of the yarn that I dyed up recently is sock yarn. The spectrum colours are an 8 ply/DK/worsted weight in woool, mohair and acetate/rayon (the white bits), about 98m per 50g (say nearly 110 yards for just under 2oz) and the others are a 12 ply or ummm ?chunky? ?aran? weight with about 60m per 50g (argh, say 65 yards per just under 2oz).

Egads, I have to do lots of knitting this month - I have to make some squares to warm Grace, I have to do the project spectrum knitting (a sock and a hat are in progress/almost on the needles, plus I need some charity knitting out of my stash), I have to wipe out some WIPs before Risa never talks to me again....Plus my boss went beresk (local injoke - should be berserk) before she left and decided I needed to whip up three lots of training (including researching training needs, researching the material, writing it and getting two lots signed off and ready to run, the third one run) by the end of the month, and then sent me some extra training needs analyses to put in a spreadsheet and work out what further training was needed and schedule that, have about four meetings with managers, sort out some new guidelines, plus my normal duties which usually keep my busy for 3 days a week, all over the Easter/ANZAC period - it is enough work for two months and she expects it all done in 11 work days!

I'd better get cracking! But first dinner - my timer has just told me the ovn chippies should be done. Tonight is bad dinner night - GF/DF pie and chippies! YUM! Tomorrow I'll have vegies and stuff again.



  1. GF/DF pie? I'm thinking maybe you don't mean pie as in pumpkin pie.. ??

    Wow, that gradient dyed yarn is lovely!!

    I'm with you on the first STR club color - but I think that it will grow on me when I actually knit with it. Plus it's in my SIL's color range, so I can make some gift socks for her from it.

    Good luck with the work stuff! Ugh.

  2. Mmm, pie :-) Cake and sidney? I think we're making that tomorrow, I make pastry using spelt flour.

    Love the gradient-dyed yarn knitted up. I also see you're making that lovely wrap from SnB Nation. I have my beady eyes on it, shall watch for updates. At least I hopefully won't have any sizing issues! Strangely this is the second thing about lace wraps and size problems I've read today, saw a thread about Arisaig from Knitty that put me off it for life!

    Good luck from me as well re the work stuff; we use "beresk" too LOL!

  3. That gradient dyed yarn is really really pretty! I can't wait to see it with the black stripes!

  4. All knitters and in your case knitters and dyers need good old pie and chips for dinner, allows us more knitting/dyeing time ;) well that is my excuse anyway!!!


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