We have a winnah!

G'day all!

Well the eleventy-first (plus a thousand) commenter is:


Yes, Jessie of Vermont, USA, come on down! Well maybe not that way, or that way, or, umm... crikey, I am digging myself into a hole here. Oops, that might be considered a bit rude too. Anyway, Jessie, let me know what you would like - colours, lack of colours (ie yarn to dye), type of yarn, spinning stuff (somehow I have a LOT of merino! That may be due to us Aussies growing billions of them), whatever!

Possible knitting content tomorrow, but don't hold your breath! It was an excellent day for knitting in front of the heater today yet for some reason I hardly knitted a stitch. I did get another square done for Warming Grace and spun up some yarn (possibly hohum yarn, have to wash it to see if it is a goer or if I should've left it as a single...). We went out and spent lots of money cos we are very very bad people who can't stick to a budget anymore, got some good books (not a knitty book amongst them! cos our bookshops don't like good knitting books, not even Borders had what I'd call a great selection and the only one I wanted, Handknit Holidays, was $60. Ouch! I can get it cheaper, including shipping from Amazon, which sucks badly cos it is bad to ship stuff by airmail from the US or wherever, but I WANT!). We also got some more plants for the garden cos it is Easter and we aren't getting chocolate, we are getting plants! You can't eat these plants, which is a good thing cos my body is telling me winter will be long and cold and I really should eat a lot more. If it was chocolate I might eat the whole lot in one sitting, which would make me very ill and feel very fat...

What should I do with my stash? I've realised that I don't want most of it but I can't bring myself to just give it away. We aren't that flush with money that I can afford to throw it out or give it to charity. It will take me about 10 years to knit up a thousand scarves, and a million years to sell them all.

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  1. Congrats, Jessie!!!

    So odd, reading about you getting set for winter, while here we're getting set for summer...

  2. Can you ebay the unwanted stash? Should be easier to sell yarn in lots, than to sell knitted-up items?


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