The horror, the horror!

G'day all!

This is post two of Flash Your Stash. I look forward to reading everyone's posts tomorrow :-)

First we will start off with the "quality" yarns and then I'll show a few "kwality" yarns, well maybe more than a few. Like a few boxes full? Then back to the good stuff. 'Scuse the quality of the pics - couldn't haul it outside as we've had our first real cool change of the year and we kept getting scuddy showers.

(My only box of yarn that has enough of each yarn to make something bigger than a scarf and some mittens or a beanie. 2/3 of it was given to me. Quelle embarrassment, but you see if I have enough to knit up into a top or jumper, I do! No shilly-shallying about - this isn't scarf yarn you know!)

ACKrylic alert! Poly primer! Nylon knots!

For those who are offended by novelty yarns, scroll down and cover your eyes. For the rest of you pervs, look and wonder at this collection of yarns....

A random box including my whole acrylic stash (I have about 8 large balls as carryalong for the fluffy yarns), some good yarn and two hanks of some of my worst spinning - it is like rope but I blame the fibre prep for that more than me - it is all neppy and I kept trying to pick the worst ones out whilst still spinning. Foolish me!

Note that the lurid pink eyelash at the top of one of the boxes is one of my very favourite yarns. It is pink and it is bright and it is shaggy - what isn't there to love about it?

Remember, these boxes each hold about 200 balls of yarn? I have a you-know-what-load of scarf yarns here.

You can look again!

Here's most of my undyed yarn stash:

and some of the dyed up yarns:

I am starting to really investigate getting yarns to dye up and sell, along with my handspun. I've got a stash of stuff I see at reasonable (aka cheap) prices at retailers but that is it so far. I've been investigating wholesalers but they don't want to know you unless you are a retailer. I have one lead, so we'll see how it goes, but she is in the USA and I would prefer a local spinner.

NO sock yarn flashed! That is because you have seen most of it recently, all of it if you regularly come here. Except for two balls of cream I bought today to try dyeing up.

There are some other yarns around - there is a little trolley with yarn and junk all over it, plus four shpping bags chucked in corners and Nathan tells me ther is at least another bag in the garage. I am pleased to say most of the yarn is in the fibre room except that which I am currently working on.

Finally, I give you sunset from Wednesday night, taken as I was sitting at the lights. Bit blurry but jeez it was pretty!



  1. oooooooh such pretty yarn!!

    LOVE the sunset too!!!

    Yes I would love to know a good place to get plain yarn to dye for a great price. Thinking about selling some on ebay. And also considering making up some knitting kits to sell...


  2. Lovely stash! And thanks for sharing the sunset - fabulous colors. Looked sort of like some of that yarn. ;)

  3. That's alot of yarn there. So pretty!!

    And great sunset picture too!

  4. Be kind of neat if you could dye the colours of that fabulous sunset into some of that undyed wool. Love how much you have.

  5. Girl you have some serious freaking stash there; I thought there were three separate posts (duh!) and went up to put more comments on. Holy Crap, you have great stash! The colours and textures - but then I am already jealous because you live in the land of Jo Sharp.

    Thanks for flashing!

  6. Your stash is fabulous dahhhling! (stops typing in silly voice now)

    Hope you can make a go of selling your own dyed yarn online, great idea.

  7. Wow, I'm impressed! Especially with the handspun. The colours are so vibrant - and I noticed that your handspun and dyed yarn are overall more colourful than the rest. Very nice!

  8. Beautiful stash and so organized.

    Thanks for sharing the sunset photo, too. Just lovely!

  9. My God! You don't have a stash, You have your own Shop.............
    Love the bin of undyed though, I've run out and because I have a self enforced yarn diet until my new stove and washing machine arrives,can't indulge for a while.
    I am thinking of joining up for the One Skein Exchange though,that doesn't count!

  10. Amazing stash - and amazing sunset! ;o)

  11. Wow - a little bit (okay a lot) of everything there.

    See my stash flash here

  12. Definatly drool worthy!!!Thankyou so much for sharing.

    Besides, I love being able to tell C......... Look all these other people have lots more yarn than me, I need to go shopping :)

  13. Great stash! I love the pink Noro!

  14. now that's a respectable stash! Kudos to you for a nice little flash session.


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