Hey, where did everybody go?

G'day all!

I feel like I must've done something socially unacceptable (dropping a whoopsy in the middle of a crowded room?). Where did everybody go?

Everyone must be busy for Easter. I've been busy too - busy planting and dyeing today and helping a friend move house on Friday. The moving was pretty good - we had borrowed the big station wagon from the PiLs and got to see the new, owned house, along with the old rental place. Purplexity is rather keen on Cookie Monster so we had p0rn star Cookie Monster, about two feet tall, arrayed on hot pink and purple shag cushions reclining in the rear window of the car.... I don't think Purplexity was that amused, but Cookie Monster was pretty happy looking. Of course he always is happy if there are cookies. We also got to see a lot of wonderful autumn colours - this is the best year for colourful trees that I can remember. The long summer with the sudden cold snap must've sent the trees over the edge. Driving through suburbs that are 50-90 years old means that there are lots of old deciduous trees because many of the gardens are quite English. The colours are fab.

Tomorrow I might get to post some pics of the autumnal colours around here. I wish we had taken the camera on Friday - some beautiful images, but I don't really want to drive most of an hour across town just to get some pics. Tomorrow I hope to post pics of the most recent dyeing experiment. And I will show off our wuss of a liquidamber tree - it is on the firing line, I tell you! Other trees are going pretty colours. It is green, with a few yellow leaves here and there. Very blah! We would prefer a much more interesting tree - a Stenocarpus (can't find a good pic of one that shows tree and leaves and flowers) for example if we must have a tree that can grow to over 20 m tall in our small front yard.

Surprisingly little knitting has happened, despite evenings just made for knitting. I have no idea what I am doing instead - reading books we bought, watching tv, playing with yarn, putting together parcels for a few people.... but how could that occupy a whole evening? Crawling the web, desperately trying to find updated blogs (yes yes I should use bloglines...), reloading my mail time and time again, waiting for comments and replies to emails I've sent... wondering where to buy cellophane bags or at least decent presentation bags so that I can start bagging up yarn to flog on ebay. Supermarket bags just don't cut it for me. I'll try a parties and paper bag supplier or two. I just have to remember what to call them so I can do a yellow pages search. OK, that is where the evenings are going!

Egads, time for bed! I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow - helping DH with his new fish/rainwater storage tank, shopping for some extra goodies, dyeing more yarn. Hooray for Easter! Hooray for four days off work! I reckon I would be a very happy woman if I didn't have to work five days a week.



  1. We're here! I haven't been doing as much blog catching up as usual - but smokin on the knitting front! I am getting the gardening bug too!

    Glad you have a nice long weekend!

  2. Well, I'm here, I always end up on the PC on major public holidays :-D Taking a break from knitting as it happens. Lovely weather outside too.

  3. Busy, we are. Moving stuff into storage in preparation for house extension, we have been. Holiday from public holidays, we both need.

    (A break you definitely need, when you start talking in yodaspeak.)

  4. Here! Just have been out enjoying our lovely spring weather and spending a bit less time in front of the computer!

  5. It's been getting quiet in blogland -- I've noticed, too.


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