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G'day all!

A while ago, I decided that my life was an empty barren hole if I didn't have some little shrugs and cardies to wear at work.

Or maybe I decided that I was tired of getting cold.

So I started searching for some nice looking things to knit up and dress up my fairly plain cotton tops with (I am cursed with the inability to wear polyester anywhere near my armpits, even after layering so much deoderant on that you can see the white crytals sticking out of my armpits).

In a moment of madness, I decided to make this, the Lucky Clover Lace Wrap from SnB nation. A four ply/fingering weight cardi that effectively has two fronts, and unless you make the 36" size, has sizing issues if I read the knitalong correctly.

Well strike me pink, I just so happen to be making the 36" size. Hooray for me and inheriting my mother's B cup. Big girls can enjoy what they have but I'll just be pleased that I don't have any particular sizing issues. Hooray for being plain jane average.

Of course the first thing I did was decide I didn't like the edging - a few rows of 1X1 ribbing. Boring! So I pored through my growing collection of stitch books and decided to use one from Vogue Stitchionary 1.

Here it is in my blue 4ply cotton cardi swatches, aka sleeves:

Am I a girly suck or what? BTW, thanks to Peeve for the yarn - she realised that she doesn't like cotton and gave me a heap.

I have to say that progress has been slow. I've only gotten about 5 repeats of the pattern done on each sleeve so far, and it isn't particularly even - my tension with cotton is dodgy but hopefully a bit of blocking will work that out. You can even see the line that I frogged one sleeve back to after realising two repeats later that for some unknown reason I had not done the second row of the pattern....

Do you liek the tasteful green background? For some reason there was a big fashion in the 50s for painting concrete green - to look like grass? Dunno. Anyway, we have green painted concrete at the front and back steps and porch. I think it is sorta quaint.

Thanks to everyone with suggestions for Cheshire. She is fed good quality dried food, plenty of water is available and once in a while gets real meat! I will take her to the vet, see what they say. Only she has never been to the vet we used to use and I am wondering if I should take her back the the vet at the animal shelter we got her from. She was in a massive fight with the ginger cat - fluffy female ginger cat that hangs around a lot - today and has several gouges out of her, so I bet she'll have abscesses soon, though I am going to wash the wounds with saline water. Cheshire and this ginger thing are too evenly matched I think and they can't prove dominance. They've been fighting for about six weeks on and off. Nathan said he thinks Cheshire dished out as much as she got. Next time I grab the ginger cat and kick her off our property, I'll see if she is registered with the council. I got ours registered today. $17.30 a year for each of them. Thank goodness for them being neutered.

Finally, Nathan and I just went to Bunnings, our version of the american Home Depot I think. For some reason whilst we were there, I looked at the spirit levels. On the one I looked at, it told me that it was "fully adjustable" and gave directions for checking that it is level.

"Put the level on a flat, level surface." But how do I know the surface is level if my level needs to be levelled so I can tell if things are level? I need another level that is known to be level to ensure the new level is level, and if I already have a level level why do I need another one, let alone one that has to be checked and adjusted to ensure it is level? Indeed, if my first level is not actually level, will I ever know if anything is level? Or mayb ei should just drop the perfeciton stuff and say close enough is good enough.



  1. Oh Wow,where did you find the pattern its gorgeous..... even I could wear that with my thick waist!
    Keep those photos coming!

  2. :( I can't see any pictures...

    Now I must go recover from the level and unlevel level bit. *blink blink*

  3. What kind of anti flea medication do you use? It sounds like skin mites to me (Lulu gets them every now and then), but Advantage or Revolution should take care of those....

    The blue cotton is looking really good, by the way!

  4. And now I can see the pictures... Weird! Lookin' good.

  5. The wrap is so pretty and I love the edging.

  6. Oh that is so pretty, he he girly suck, I like that, I think we can do the girly thing occasionally. The edging makes it all your very own, I love it.

  7. Ok that level level stuff has floored me...(I wonder if its level?)

    LOVE the cardi! the edging is beautiful..though a 4ply adult top!! you brave soul..



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