G'day all!

A real quickie tonight, despite me having many lovely pics to show you. I got a lovely prezzie in the mail but you'll have to wait for the photos!

First we need to see these:


Socks at Southern Cross station (was Spencer St station) waiting to catch the train! (Brits - does that livery look at all familiar on that train? Connex runs our trains.) Yarn by Jessie at a Piece of Vermont. I got some odd looks for showing off my socks to the world and taking a picture...

Fully completed socks!

I have a confession. When you see my "finished objects" you usually see the almost done but without the ends woven in objects. But these socks are fully competed! Ends tucked away and ready to wear, after a wash (I know where these socks have been!).

If I get a chance tomorrow, I will show off the lovely prezzie I got and some pics from this week. It will be picture heavy so be warned!



  1. Excellent! I am so taking that picture for the website. Thank you for making that yarn look great.

  2. Those are great socks - I love the colors!!

  3. Gorgeous colourway and great socks :-) It must be "knitting and transport" week, Yarn Harlot has socks in taxis and taking in the tourist sights :-D

  4. Beautiful socks! Perfectly matched striping... ;-)

  5. Oh, I love your socks!! The stripes are lovely AND they are all finished too!! I am usually finishing things I want to wear as I go out the door!! This is a stunning effort then!!!

  6. Beautiful socks! Picture heavy post tomorrow? Should we wear sunglasses again? I hope so!

  7. Hi from Austria! Wow, I really love these socks, you did a great job with them, and the colorway you used is so beautiful!

  8. You could have been at Kings Cross and I wouldn't have known the difference. Lovely socks!

  9. Gorgeous socks darl!

    Love the colours.

    I have often thought if I left ends out and hide them for piccies for my blog will anyone notice? knowing my luck I would miss an end and all would find it! lol


  10. Beauty! I just got some Piece of VT self-striping yesterday!


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