Amazing fluff

G'day all!

Something I like about spinning. This:

becomes this:

and then navajo plied becomes this:

It amazes me how a pile of fluff can be tamed and turned into something I can knit with. It is green (fern) at one end and mauve (hibiscus) at the other, and blue in the middleish. This latest skein is one I thought I should give away but I just can't. I like it Too Much. It reminds me of pansies for some reason and violets. It has to be mine! Plus it is a bit wonky - you can see wonky spots. How could I give someone something so imperfect??? LOL I am still learning what ratios are best on the little Gem. Who still remains nameless - it is just the New Wheel. I am not good at naming things, in general, though cats are pretty easy. Then again we took about two weeks to name the Nut!

She's a bit blurry in this shot cos she was going to snozzle the camera (I just made snozzle up - it isn't a real word), but it captures some of the essence of the Nut.



  1. Amazing seeing the transformation of the fluffy stuff to yarn. Very pretty Spring colours too!

  2. I can definitely see pansies and violets in that yarn.

    Hi, Nut Kitty! And thanks for the word disclaimer so we don't pester you for the secret Australian meaning. :)

  3. You're right, that stuff is gorgeous! I can see how you don't want to give it away!

  4. I love how you have all the pictures lined up! Fluff, to yarn, to plied. So nifty!

  5. snozzle is too a word. i heard it in willy wonka

    and your fluff looks magnificent!

  6. Love the Yarn, Haven't been game to try Navajo plying yet as my electric wheel is too fast!
    I think I might try spitting the roving into two and spinning them separate and then matching the ply up so that clours come together even as I can...
    If I can get the boys to clean up the mess they have accumulated this week while I was at work I might try this idea out!

  7. Where to start - Nut is gorgeous, fluff transformation is gorgeous! I just love those colours - I'm sure that you can't give something imperfect away :) But I'm not shy about begging...

  8. Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love the popcorny "bikkies" - we have similar, but none that thin. Thin is great, because they're excellent for sandwiches. Yum. Thanks again!

  9. Love the yarn, as a newbie spinner well I still have my Ls on really, I can really appreciate what you have done there.


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