Well well well

G'day all!

Well that scared you all off! Hardly a comment today. After the excitement the other day... well well well.

Tonight is stitch marker night. And I have to go over the training for tomorrow which I am vastly underprepared for. Tomorrow is big training day and if I get a chance a day to mail off some overdue parcels.

I might get a chance to knit up another square or two for Warming Grace, but they really have to go ASAP. They are supposed to be in Canada by the end of the month and mail from here to Ca seems to take two weeks - dunno why.

The Project Spectrum socks for April are closer to being finished - half a repeat of colour to go, including the ribbing, then only the heels to add in. I seem to have misplaced the sleeves for my blue top in progress. Haven't seen them for days.

OK dokey. Time to go do stuff that isn't blogging, like put the dyed yarn away. I am sure I can find a use for it. Plenty of babies around, or something for me. I am still happy to sell it but I am getting no interest now I have put a price on it. Obviously people don't think it is worth that!



  1. Okay I felt sorry and will leave a comment.....
    Oh a bit more?..... really I'm not sarcastic just being funny!!
    I love the colours but wondered how you managed to get so many in the skein as mine tended to bleed into one another!
    I am nearly finished a sock using my green and yellow dipped wool, vinegar style of course but its the easier(....alias cheaper alternative at present!)
    Ther we go, a comment! see ya.....

  2. Heh, you posted after I'd done some serious credit card damage at the WEBS sale and had a good talk with myself about getting the yarn purchase thing under control. I adore that purple/black combo, but hate mohair with a passion so I was able to resist...

    Good luck with the training!!

  3. honey, not only am i on a yarn diet, i'm on a shopping diet, sigh. remember that icky post from last friday? yeah, that. i've got a new car AND a wedding to pay for, on top of it. sigh.

  4. well I still want the rainbow ones.... I just havent been online or at home to know the price was up.:-(...LOL Im such a dirty stopout hahaha. I just need to juggle my finances and if its still here to sell. its meant to be mine, but it may have to wait till next week ;)


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