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G'day all!

Well I don't have a lot of knitting news or even spinning news tonight, though I have done some of both. Nope, this post is an excuse to close some of the tabs that are filling up my computer and making it load screens more slowly.

Remember the "hobbits" found on the island of Flores in Indonesia? Well it seems that they may be a bit more primitive than first thought.

The Princess Bride the musical? (I admit, I would consider calling a boy Westley) (no, I wouldn't call a girl "Buttercup") (Who else freaks out when Vader says "As you wish" to the Emperor?)

I saw these rovings and I lusted, not quite as much as over the pink, green and blue bag. After all, I'd have to pay for them but the bag was free!

I am sure you have seen that the Ignobel Prizes have been awarded for 2005. We Aussies should celebrate - we have both Nobel and Ignobel prize winners this year, both in physiology!

OK that helps a little with the 20-odd tabs open in my browser. Maybe soon my silly gut will let me sleep - I think the PiL's BBQ is contaminated with wheat cos I have had two BBQs there recently and been crook after each one....



  1. 'Westley' and 'Westerley' are variations of 'Wesley', used as surnames and then proper names. There are descendants of the John WEsley family (not necessarily him himself) who use the name Westerley (my brother-in-law is one of them). Can't say I like it myself. Buttercup! Now that's a thought ...

    Nice to catch up with you yesterday. I tried to post a photo of us KIPping but the computer ate my post. I'll try again later on!

  2. you'll be interested to know that i tried to start an in-home catering company a few years back, with the name "as you wish."

    unfortunately, the kick off event turned out to be much less than expected (the woman who was running the craft fair that i catered lied to me on several different things, one of which was that this was her FIRST craft fair, and not an established one, so hardly anyone came, and i had to literally eat the cost of all the food i'd bought), and as you wish went by the wayside. sigh.

    i love that movie! i would love to see it as a musical. can you imagine the song to go with the queen of garbage scene?


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