I feel so naughty

G'day all!

I've just placed a couple of order with Amazon and Knitpicks. Lots of money spent, but I've put in orders for a friend to so we can combine shipping. I feel so naughty! Thanks to the lovely J for giving me a US shipping address for Knitpicks - much appreciated! :-)

Today for your delight, I have a random assortment of photos. I am time poor now after spinning a bit of merino/flax, packing away half a bookshelf (and discovering that it is now fashionable to make cardboard boxes that don't seal, but instead have whopping big gaps in the middle that about half a hundred books could fall through....), and wrangling the Knitpicks site into finding the yarns I wanted to order, along with Amazon which doens't let you tick boxes by things in your wishlist you now want to purchase. Instead I had to do it all one at a time....

I give you

bubby galahs in a box (the front two were begging each other for food):

A triangular multidirectional scarf made of my handspun yarn (dyed by Jacinta at Spiral Dyed):

(you can join the yahoo group here and get free patterns, though you'd best get your skates on cos there are time limits for some of them. I think I'll give this scarf away as a prize or maybe a prezzie if someone likes it enough. Lurid greens aren't my colour though people loved it on the train - I got more comments from it than almost any other of my train projects.)

A quince flower:

Some grey alpaca (I tried to make it black but it wanted to be grey) hanging on my spinning wheel out of the way of errant passers by:

(yes I spun something fairly dull coloured! But I plied it to itself along with some berry coloured silk to give it a bit of oomph, no pics yet)

And just in case you think I am going dull in my old age, I give you summer pudding, by Jacinta, plied with black and with magenta merino:

There is no way that one is leaving my hot little hands (OK, cold sometimes sweaty little hands!).

Finally, the first rose of the season was
Quatre Saisons and is she a lovely smelly old thing! (pic not clickable)

Next off the line was one of my Rugosas, probably scabrosa (horrible name for a lovely rose) closely followed by a real stinker of a rose (whose scent I love but others despise) - Rosa foetida "Austrian Copper." Austrian Copper has the most amazing red/orange flowers. Rosa foetida is the source of most yellow roses, and also has passed on its horrid ability to coat itself with black spot to its descendents. Maybe you'll get a pic another time.



  1. It's so nice that you're going into your spring season, where we're going into our fall. Though I have to say I'm ready for it. It's been entirely too hot for too long!

    Love the fibery stuff and I can't wait to see what you got from Knitpicks and Amazon.

  2. oooh! that plied merino is gorgeous! i love two thick plies together. also, baby birds! so cute! i wish they could stay so small and non-violent. birds were one of my least favorite things to see back when i was a vet tech. it probably didn't help that the only doctor that saw them was also my least favorite doctor to work with.

  3. you should name the summer pudding blackberry jam. that's what it reminds me of! and congrats on your first knitpicks order. if you ever need more help, just holler. i'm a member of the sable/enabler club.


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