A week

G'day all!

It is only a week until my last birthday in my *mumbles* before I hit *mumble mumble* Eeek!

So remember, the first Saturday after the 3rd of November next year (that is Saturday the fourth of November 2006), BIG partay my place! We should be in our own home by then. YAAAAAAAAAY! Put it in your calendars, save up some $$ or whatever your local currency is and come on down!

Coincidentally, today was a workmate's 50th birthday and it would've been the parental 54th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow Nathan goes to Bristol. He has to catch three different planes cos he is going to Singapore then Frankfurt then Bristol. Generally people sit on the one plane on the six hour flight to Singapore and then another 15-16 hours on the long haul to Heathrow. I hope his luggage keeps up with him. By the time he is laden with gifts for people in the UK, he won't have much space for his clothes! Anyway, I will be a mimbulus mimbletonia, or at least I will be mimbling and quite likely in need of a tissue or two when he goes cos annoying as he can be I am rather fond of him and I am a terrible wuss at goodbyes.

Knitting? You want evidence of knitting? Well a girl on the train did ask me what I was knitting. I am still knitting the second handwarmer - I've sorta lost interest since the weather started warming up (though parts of today were quite cool). I am knitting it straight off the spindle to get the energised singles look. She thought it was way cool, and I reckon she would know, being a chick dressed in all black with a hoop and a stud through her bottom lip. No pics yet. Still working on the thing. I really want to knit some summer tops at this stage. Summer tops. Yeah. My last summer top was not a rampaging success cos it is designed for women who are curvier and shorter than me, even though I added extra body length to it. Any suggestions for good summer tops with decent sized straps or even better sleeves? Being able to wear it to work would be good.

Today's weird links. All you ever needed to know about Japanese toiretto (not for the faint of bottom! nd check out the tongue in cheek (??) journal articles at the umm bottom of the article). There are so many comments I want to make about that article....

I need this book. I can understand the obsession of someone collecting dictionaries to find words that have no equivalent in English. That makes me a scary person.

I wish I could remember who found this link. I have to link to it too. You too can dress up like a rubbish bin for Halloween.

Vicki found this one and linked to it. I have to link to the unlikely sight of yarn all over the road too.

Now before I forget - a Happy Birthday to the Mster, I forgot to say it yesterday. And thanks for your comments - it is nice to hear from people. If I don't reply it is cos Blogger hides peoples' addresses and the replies often bounce cos they are"anonymous".

Finally, I am going up to my sister's place tomorrow after dropping Nathan off at the airport. I'll be back on Sunday! The cats will get their food dispenser half filled, will eat it in a day and starve for the next two days but oh well.



  1. I'm posting the package-that-was-too-heavy-for-airmail tomorrow so it will hopefully intercept Bristol in good time! Sounds like you need the break up at your sister's place, hope you have a great time :-)

  2. you might have gotten the rubbish bin site from me or fillyjonk. it's a riot, isn't it? of course, this is way too late for liam this year. last year he was a barrel of toxic waste. don't ask.

  3. Okay, the japaneese toilet article is 'weird' but very informative. Though I think I'd rather my 3ply loo paper rather then wooden sticks. OUCH!!!


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