Hot and cold

G'day all!

I'm running hot and cold today. Tomorrow it will be all cold unless I can get the hot water heater lit again (I've never managed so far). It is really hard to get the dishes washed when the hot water has to come out of a kettle. I have no idea why the water heater has stopped heating water but I have an idea that the pilot light has blown out again. Of course this has happneed when Nathan is not around and he has the knack for relighting the thing. I sadly lack the knack. I am not going to live for a week without hot water!

You might be most pleased to know that the batteries charged for the camera. I took about 20 pics of roses then came inside to download all the pics, got them off the camera and the batteries died! Like what is with that? I only got about 20 minutes use out of them! So I don't have any craft pictures, again, cos I don't have charged batteries. Grump. Stupid batteries. Maybe it is the stupid battery charger. I wonder if I can find a multimeter and work out how to get it to tell me if the batteries really are flat or if the camera is spazzing? Google is my friend!

Hmm, well that told me not very much cos I don't actually know what setting to put the multimeter on. If i put it on V~ then it tells me that there is about 2.1 to 2.3 somethings (?volts? unlikely! 2100 mAh?) and if I put it on V... it says 1.2 to 1.3 (which I am guessing is volts cos that is the battery voltage). but the radioshack help page says I need to put a resistor across to check if the batteries are flat and like that is way beyond me. Anyone got any ideas?

Heh. This amused me. I need some amusement. I did this quiz after finding it on a certain crazy fibre lady's blog and she got it from brainylady.

Apparently I am John Sheridan. (Woo hoo!)
An experienced survivor who has maneuvered around many obstacles, you are looked up to by those who rely on your good judgment.
'In the last few years, we've stumbled. We stumbled at the death of the president, the war, and on and on. When you stumble a lot you tend to look at your feet. Now we have to make people lift their eyes back to the horizon and see the line of ancestors behind us saying, "Make my life have meaning," and to our inheritors before us saying, "create the world we will live in."'
Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

(for those in the know I reckon I'd prefer to be Delenn cos then I get to look at Sheridan instead of being him. LOL).

So I am running hot and cold at present. It is warming up here, which makes me hot. Nathan's computer is hot - the fan is running alllllll the time. The hot water is cold. I am glad it is Cup Day tomorrow - we get a public holiday all because of a horse race that you may have heard of called the Melbourne Cup - cos I need to get the garden in a bit better order for my birthday gathering on Saturday. Plus I have to get the hot water hot before I can shower and my timelines in the morning are usually tight. I can't afford to wait half an hour for hot water! But tomorrow I can wait for hours cos I will just get filthy in the garden anyway.

Now to make up for the disappointment of no crafty pictures, nor even any crafty talk, I bring you a picture of some very fast sheep. These Merino rams with curly horns went flogging past me as I moseyed along the freeway.

Then there is this pretty picture of a horrid weed.

Patterson's Curse or Salvation Jane, take your pick. It is a pity that it is a weed cos it does look pretty (until you have to walk through it and discover that it is prickly as all get out!). It is also poisonous to stock, including horses. It contains an alkaloid, a chemical which is effectively a liver poison. If a horse gutses itself on the weed, it can cause acute liver failure. Sheep, cattle and goats are less susceptible. Alternatively they can eat it over a number of years and slowly poison themselves until some other stress precipitates liver failure. dairy cows get irritated udders from walking through the prickly stems. Not many farmers seem to have controlled it and this year has seen a bumper crop. But it is pretty. It is all over the north central and north east of the state and apparently is all around Canberra too. In my state it is mandatory for farmers to control it - it should have been sprayed a couple of months ago. You can tell which paddocks have been sprayed, and it ain't many of them. The farmers who have done the right thing must be spewing cos they have coughed up $$$ to spray their paddocks and next door Bob hasn't and his weeds will infest the surrounding farms. There are some biological controls out there but they take about 10 years to really make a dint in the paddocks of Patterson's Curse. I have no idea how mandatory control fits in with biological control.

anyway, it is late and I must to bed!



  1. I hope you can get that hot water heater relit soon. Brrrr.

  2. Yes, hope the hot water is fixed and soon!

    Happy week before your birthday toooo you!!!


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