G'day all!

Do you ever stumble out of bed in the morning and into the shower pretty much on automatic?

This morning I wandered out of the bedroom, heading for the bathroom when something impeded my progress.

My little toe was stuck on a wire thing. My foot couldn't move forward. Hm, what is going on here, I thought to myself groggily. My foot is stuck and won't move. Why won't it move? Very odd. My toe seems to be caught on something.... And YOWZA! My TOE HURTS! My toe is caught on the frame for a supermarket bag rubbish bin and it REALLY hurts!

Amazing how pain clears away the morning brain fog.

I have no idea if it is ok - it still hurts but it isn't enormously swollen or anything. It moves like the other little toe, though it hurts a little. And I ain't taking a picture of it cos I have lovely corns and all on this poor little bent hammertoe. It is not pretty! Nothing to see here, move along, move along....

Now where were we up to... Ah the fibre forum and the trip back. I might leave the trip back pics until I have pics of the stuff I bought.

So let's move on to some of the yarn I've been spinning. I've been spinning a lot of thick and thinnish yarn recently plied up with a fine contrast thread or a bit of silk or just a fine thread of the same tops. It is fun and easy and does not take as long as the navajo plied worsted/Dk/8 ply weight stuff. So without further ado I bring you,

Wendy Dennis blue/purple polwarth with silk:

Wendy Dennis candy floss coloured polwarth plied up with the odd bit of bright silk and a fine thread of the same polwarth tops:

A bit of FibreWorks (sp) rainbow lorikeet navajo plied into a fairly chunky yarn:

Some random merino plied up to stripe and blend from colour to colour, with extra chunks of either mohair or english leicester curls thrown in:

(Me - stressed? Would I spin lots when I am stressed? This is only part of what I've spun recently!)

Here's my favourite picture from the whole weekend. One of the stallholders at Gardening Australia Live had three young galahs in a box. They have been handraised and are very tame - they couldn't give a stuff about people patting them. "Yeah, whatever, where's the food," was their attitude. They've only just fledged and do not yet have their underfeathers or fluffy down stuff sticking out of their feathers (so every time they bent their heads, ugly red flesh could be seen between their feathers). Their colouring hasn't developed properly either - the adults are pretty pink on their head, neck and breast, then soft gray elsewhere. This little bloke posed nicely for me:

Isn't s/he cute?

Oh and for C, apologies. I only get one version of the story from the Husbeast. I should verify it first!



  1. corns? hammertoe? vanity, thy name is lynne. we wanna see mangled toe! btw, the wools are lovely. wish i could afford to buy them, but i'm on a yarn diet, except for my sp. sigh.

  2. Pretty yarn! I love all the stuff you spin up, the colours are faberoonie.


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