Stress nut

G'day all!

Well it is a total rollercoaster ride here at Weedhaven. Nathan doesn't want to go to England and is behaving very erratically, househunting is annoying is a really good way to go UP and down, and my ankle hurts. Plus until 2 minutes ago, literally, I couldn't find Nathan's tax details and tax returns have to be lodged by next Monday when a certain someone will be in England. Whether he likes it or no. Whether I like it or no. So we have a day to get Nathan's tax done and also to get him some new tshirts and shoes and a decent sweater and stuff cos his clothes are getting a bit tired. Plus Cheshire chucked all over the most threadbare bit of carptet.

We picked up a copy of the contract of sale for the house we are interested in today. This is all the stuff that tells you what encumbrances the house has, where the easements lie, whether it has had any planning permits issued, etc. We are looking at maybe buying number 9. So why is 75% of the info for number FOUR? Methinks someone handwrote a form or several up and their 9s look like 4s. So most of the info on the contract of sale stuff (called a section 32 here in Vic) is for a house around the corner! There is no way

We've found another couple of places that might be ok. I (and maybe Nathan) will be looking at one on Friday at 10am, on my day off. I've got that day off cos Nathan leaves and I want to go and visit my sister and driving up after work on Friday and returning on Sunday is hardly worth it. I'll drive up after looking at this place and farewelling Nathan as he sits on the squishy plane of too small seats. My sister wants me to refresh her on spindling. She used to spin in the early 70s I think - I can remember her spinning horribly rough brown wool. I want company for the weekend. For some reason she likes having me around and would love to find me a job up there, and will find Nathan one too. I haven't worked that out yet.

The upshot of all of this is I am a total stress nut. Nathan is even worse - he is almost non-functional.

So if you see me gibbering in the corner and hugging a pillow, you'll know why.

Maybe I'll be hugging this instead:

Actually I'd pefer to hug the contents:

But Nutmeg would like to roll on them instead:

Yep, the first of my girthday, oops BIRTHday presents has arrived! You want some nice yarn too? Go to LynnH



  1. Rachel2:06 pm

    Oh very cool. I live in the US and have bought yarn from her before. I also helped test knit one of her patterns & she paid in another pattern & yarn. I reconise spring sprung & one of the seaside colorways but what others did you get? I think I know what the semi-solids are but what is the one on the right in the second pic? It is so soft & nice to work with & machine washable to boot.


  2. Your birthday!!???!!! When is it, or has it just passed? Either way, happy birthday. :) I am glad you have colorjoy to squeeze until my lame sick patootey sends you KP. So this is an obvious question...what sorts of knitterly things aren't readily available in Oz?


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