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G'day all!

This is a post of links. I have too many links I need to get off my Firefox tabs - only 28 tabs open on *this* window, then there are three other Firefox windows open, and then I wonder why it goes so slowly when a fancy page opens up. Then I lose the lot when some really badly scripted page crashes my browser, so I'm passing all of these on to you instead! Next time I'll have pics - they just have to be edited and uploaded. Just wait until you see the pretty we found in the greenhouse - she is loaded up with babies and ready to pop!

The new science of feeling good, with some interesting stuff about how they are finding going back into the past and analysing things doesn't necessarily make people better - indeed it tends to screw them up more.

Apparently I am a very long and bright sock (I knew I'd have to be colourful!):
Super long sock
Wow! You would have been a pair of socks as long
as it's possible for socks to be before they're
tights - and all multi-coloured with pretty
patterns and detail all over the place - then
you could stand and admire your sock-self all

What type of sock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
My favourite pair of tights ever were rainbow colours in blotches all over the legs - I still have them but my work frowns on them - not exactly corporate casual!

Another Times article, this time on how the British Catholic Church says don't take all the Bible says to be the literal truth. It also has what I see as a dig at the current US presidency - any nation or people that is gripped by fundamentalism is dangerous. Now I ain't saying all you Americans are gripped by religious fundamentalism but your administration sure seems to be on a runaway train going down a looooooong hill with no brakes. I am mighty impressed with the article - at least parts of the Catholic church seem to be progressive.

Get those needles flashing - this mob in the UK will donate 50p to an aged care mob for every beanied bottle sold (link thanks to Karen).

high-tech undies are being sold now! Ladies, would you buy anti-bacterial knickers - apparently women don't like being told they smell, yet I've seen all those weird "feminine hygiene" products on the shelves with their built in deoderants and this and that, so maybe we'd just sneak some unsmelly undies into our shopping....

Can you believe that there are beings out there who think the best thing they can do is make money out of millions of peoples' generosity in the wake of Katrina? Golly that made me mad! I'd chuck them in the clanger and throw away the key. I don't like people who swindle others or take advantage of them. Makes my blood boil. (BTW, I was looking at a random blog the other day that just showed photo after photo of the people after Katrina and 90% of the pictures were of black people. Then I thought about the pics I'd seen of people looting places, and like what were most of them looting? Food and water/drinks. Loaves of bread. And you know what? I say good on 'em. There was no way to buy what they needed and they had nothing and the govt wasn't helping them any. Nope, didn't see the pics of guns being looted - could be a reason for that one! ;-))

Here's a nicer story about pterosaurs although I guess it ended sadly since we aren't being eaten by them at this very moment. LOL

Now I do have some pics for you, including a new FO, some bits and bobs blooming in the garden as we speak (including the first and second roses of spring) but they have to wait a little while until I have more than 10 minutes to do stuff.



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