Lynne needs....

G'day all!

Since this meme is doing the rounds, I decided to be a copycat and do it myself.

Google "(your name) needs"

This is what I came up with that amused me:
  • Lynne needs to explain to Ted that she will not be influenced by threats
  • Lynne needs to look into other less expensive alternatives
  • Lynne needs relief And she needs it soon
  • Lynne needs to be given a chance, a lot of people have judged her too soon
  • Lynne needs to hit rock bottom again in order to find inspiration
  • Lynne needs two men to testify that she is indeed single. (hmm, considering I am married, this will be interesting!)
  • Lynne needs to go to Dodge City to attend a suffrage conference (I'd prefer to go to Rhinebeck or Maryland, if it is OK with you)
  • Lynne needs _______ 6. I want to ______ Lynne 7. Lynne is like _______ 8. Without Lynne, I would _______ 9. if I was trapped in a room with Lynne, ...
  • Lynne needs a lot more support
  • Lynne needs to grab hold of her musical schizophrenia
  • Lynne needs a good spanking, preferably with a paddle or a hard flip flip
  • Lynne needs a toothpick

(Note that Lynne needs a new swinging lover because Stu has erection problems did not make the list. This may or may not surprise you.)

In other news, I toodled off to the handspinner's guild today and unloaded 19 skeins of yarn upon them. I hope some of it sells - some was going straight off to the market on Sunday. If all of it does sell, that is about a hundred and forty smackeroos for me! Me! It would pay off some recent purchases. Just when I need some extra $$$ cos tomorrow I am going to a


(And I might be taking Nathan with me. Depends)

Yes, a couple of the home loan mobs are now offering loans for people without big deposits, as long as someone will go guarantor for 20% of the deposit (ie enough to get under the limit of when you need to take mortgage insurance, which is an upfront fee of about $6,000-$10,000). We figure that since Nathan's parents are willing to help out in this regard, we may as well go and get ourselves a loan and pay a bit more than we currently pay in rent and have a place we will eventually own outright. OK, we can't afford to have a *nice* place in a *nice* area but 10 minutes drive away are less *nice* places that will cost about $150K-$200K less than (ie nearly half) what they are trying to extract from people for areas that are *nice* around where we are living now. If we have an old dumpy house, Nathan can experiment with new cladding on it (he currently has a bug about putting cool room wall panels on - very well insulated, then prepping the panels for some form of render). If we don't do a deposit, we will have cash to do things like fix up the bathroom and kitchen cos we won't be using all the money we have now on deposit and stamp duty an conveyancing and valuations. Then once the place is more livable, we can see what is left from our savings and windfall, then put that into the loan.

We figure that once we are in the game, we have a chance of upgrading to a *nicer* place in a while if we want to. If we waited for another 6 months, we would know what Nathan's income is likely to be, cos his PhD ends soon and we might be able to borrow more. Or we can borrow less and pay it off faster and upgrade sooner if we want. As it stands, I'd prefer to get pre-approval so we can go house hunting. I'm already getting a feel for the areas we could live in and some are reasonable. They are all a bit scroaty.

Any Kath and Kim watchers reading? (BTW, it is an Australian show but the official K&K site is not very functional yet so I've linked to the BBC version. Ah the beeb!) For those who have no idea about Kath and Kim, the idea is transplantable to any place where you have scroats who think that they are upwardly mobile. On the train today, I could've sworn I heard Kim talking. She was making out that she was wealthy and well-educated and a real woman of the world, but she didn't sound it. She sounded like a girl who had left school at 15 and relied on being quite pretty to get anywhere. And the way she said "I want the leather" (seats) nearly had me cracking up. She talked through this pursed cat's-bottom mouth. And ragged out her husband severely simply cos he got a message wrong. A real Fountain Gate girl.

Oh, yeah. Knitting content? I'm knitting a baby singlet (look for the little ?girl wearing a pink singlet and pants) for little Cleatus Claymore (not his real name but it had to rhyme with foetus and start with CL). Cleatus' version is in mint green. It will go with the pilchers and hat. Such a quick knit. Pity that the embroidery on it takes me twice as long as the knitting, but it adds so much to the singlet.

And don't ask me about the passports office. $9.90 to get passport photos that the passport office immediately rejected cos they don't show the way my head seats onto my shoulders (via my neck of course!). Do you think I'll be going back to that chemist and saying money back or decent photos this time? Plus I rode my mountain bike to a friend's place to get the picture signed and now my thighs are very tired cos I haven't ridden a bike for so long. Plus despite the instructions saying that I need to provide ID via my birth certificate (which I don't have cos it is with my old, now cancelled, passport which I cannot find) or my driver's licence, they really mean birth certificate. Original birth certificate, not a certified copy. They could not give a flying farnarkle about me being able to supply my driver's licence, which has my photo on it and my signature because a bit of paper supplied by the state government that has no obvious relationship to me is really GOOD ID! I had to provide my birth certificate to get the driver's licence but nope, not good enough. Of course I was not peeved after that little problem - I was outright ANGRY! $50 to get a stupid bit of paper in about four weeks just so I can go and spend $200-odd on getting a stupid new passport cos I outsmarted myself and hid it really well! I am starting to think that it may be a really good idea not spending money on going to NZ, particularly since I won't have a passport before we leave and I need the passport for them to let me out of the country and into NZ.

I love the thought and spirit behind this new Knitty surprise pattern. Be warned, if your naughty stuff filter is strict, it will probably trigger it.

Here's your picture for the day.

Last night we got to eat our very own snow peas! Yum! So much nicer than the nasty stringy things that are like old leather boots that we get in the shops. Plus I love the tiny little lavender flowers - little dark velvety things with orange throats. And the apple trees have been flowering madly yet I've not managed to get much pollen off them. Ah well, time will tell!



  1. Lynne, I hope you get your hopes fulfilled. We just brought our first home together and we love it. We now have peace in our lives and things are very stable. Before we were in public housing and walking on nails.

    I've just had pleasure of growing our first food. Strawberries, which were eaten before they made it to a bowl. I also have two little tomatoes sprouting up. It is soo rewarding to have something that you've grown.

    Take care

  2. OOOhhhh. House brokers. I was almost surprised to hear that you are going through the same problems as super-real-estate-inflated California is. I'm so glad you have the opportunity, and what a great feeling it will be to own. I hope it all works out. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. I hope everything works out for you and Nathan. I know it's nerve wracking even looking into owning your own home, but it'll work out and help you in the long run.

  4. I know I already said it but I'll say it again, we are keeping all fingers, toes and paws crossed here!

    I also feel your pain about the passport debacle. Getting pictures that are acceptable is a nightmare, when the machine tells you to sit with your eyes at the marked level - then proceeds to cut the very top of your head off the final pictures! At least I had my original passport which saved a HUGE amount of hassle, I hope yours turns up. Amazing how we are so tied up in knots by the "prove who you are" bureaucracy, and we are the honest citizens! I'm sure it is far easier for the "criminal" types to circumvent all this ...


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