That's the bad sound, the sound of Getting It Wrong.

What is the correct response when you turn the gas up under your housemate's dinner and turn it into carbon?

Do you think an apology might be in order, or would you just stand there and twist your fork between your hands?

It wasn't deliberate, I hope, but crikey bee gees, J could at least say sorry, I didn't mean to turn it up! Plus she was the last one in the kitchen and should've noticed it was burning long before the carbonisation scent reached my nose in the loungeroom.... but she wsa busy entertaining her two boyfriends who are around tonight.


Nathan is cooking me some dinner. Isn't that sweet of him? He knows he has been playing up somewhat recently.

We might have a place to move to, maybe. We have to inspect it first and find out when it is available. It is literally down the road and around the corner. The outside looks ok. I don't think that we want to take J with us. not with her penchant for loudish music and lots of boys. Anyway, you'll find out why we are so hassled about this move too. I've got some pics of the place and well it ain't exactly the same as when I moved in 7.5 years ago....

Pics tomorrow, I hope! The fibre fest was quite quite good - more when I am not supposed to be making the bed. I have SOOOOOO many photos, but mostly not of fibre, just of the trip. You will just die! I'll make a web page or two of them instead. Maybe that would be better.

That's me - famine or feast.



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