G'day all!

That is what the first lender is very happy to offer us as a home loan. They said they could offer more, but we said no, thanks, we don't want to live on baked beans. The offgassing would be horrible! We would probably blow the house up.... Resale value = possibly more than with a house on it, actually. LOL

Now there isn't too much in our current area for under $270,000 so it looks like we will be going further out (for amusement value you can look at www.domain.com.au and search for post code 3174, Noble Park). Lots in the Noble Park area that are well within our budget and are close to the train. The train is important.

anyway, I have to do some bits and bobs, so I'll be back later to show you what I've managed to get done on my week off from work so far. Not a heck of a lot, to be honest!



  1. congrats and good luck! i am eagerly awaiting the ability to buy a home. probably won't be for another five years or so. hopefully.

  2. Anonymous2:12 am

    Brilliant news about the loan. I love house-hunting just hate moving. Good luck with it all.


  3. congrats! being a home owner is great! waht does that come out to in us$? i have no clue, lol!

  4. Congrats, how excitting. We actually moved 110kms away from where we use to live to an affordable area (half having to do with closer to our commitments). Saves us 7hrs driving a week. Have fun house hunting and good luck.

    ps. real estate agents are big players.


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