I'm getting the feeling

G'day all!

I really have the feeling that what you want to see is YARN! And knitted stuff. Not hear anything about my whinging and moanings about having to move.

Well, you'll just have to deal. Or not read, only look for the pretty pictures. That is easy enough!

Ah, I must remind you. You have thirteen months until a Big Event happens. I am not exactly sure what I will be doing for the Big Event but I definately will be doing something. After all it isn't often that one turns mumble-mumble. Of course it isn't often one turns mumble-mumble-harrumph either - indeed I've noticed that birthdays technically seem to occur once, but I got stuck on 30 a while ago. Anyway, you are invited to the big event, as long as I have some idea who you are. I'd love to see you! Heck, if there were lots of you, we'd hire a bus and do a tour of all my fave places here and be tourists (I used to call it terrorising places but now that is not at all PC).

So Saturday, yes Saturday I drove down to Geelong for the fibre forum.

Lynne goes to Geelong, and comes home again

The day dawned fairly average actually - looked a bit threatening. Still the fibre forum is indoors so who cares what the weather is? (BTW, the links below go to pics of around 20-30K in the main)

I drove through town, along the Yarra and then leapt back onto the freeway (I am too tight to spring for an e-tag to I use the tollway three times a year and too tight to buy a day pass for $10) and headed off for Geelong and the Westgate Bridge, seen here from afar, here as it winds across the Yarra and here at the top with the windsock telling me why the speed was down to 60kmh. Thankfully it was not frosty and windy, and you may be able to tellt he threatening clouds had cleared away. The drive to Geelong is a bit boring, quite frankly cos it crosses basalt plains and is flat and almost straight (except for a few wide slow curves). Eventually, I found the turnoff to North Shore (and surprise surprise it was exactly where I expected it to be!).

There were many beautiful buildings in the grounds of Geelong Grammar (boys school). There still are many beautiful buildings - I didn't blow them up or anything and they didn't fall down in the rather strong northerly wind. There were so many beautiful buildings that you'll have to wait til another day before you get to see pictures cos I cannot be stuffed editing them all tonight.

There was much fibre frolicking, once I found the traders and not the people trying to sell me their wonderful ready-made goods. I love pretty things but I like to try to make them even more than I like admiring them. At first I only found the bazaar, not the traders and boy was I disappointed! An hour's drive only for that? but then I found the Real Deal (and only took one picture - LOL. I keep forgetting to take pics cos the amount of fibre around me makes me dizzy. I'd be hopeless at Rhinebeck or Maryland).

This trader is new to me - she lives in beautiful Bundanoon, home to a fabulous national park and fascinating glowworms (if only I could find the digipics we have), in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. She imports Wensleydale tops and boy are they rough compared to what I normally use! But so pretty. I bought some stuff from her but nope, no pics of what I bought yet cos I am a BAD blogger!

The usual suspects were there, and I got to meet Jacinta of Spiral Dyed - she dyes all those fabulously bright tops I like to spin so much. She sells a lot of stuff through the Thread Studio. That was good. She was almost as I expected but not hippy enough. LOL

Hmm, I reckon that is your lot for tonight cos I am yet to cook dinner and it is now nearly 8:30 and I have to pack three more boxes of books and do the shopping! You'll have to wait until another time for the rest of the driving pics. Some are actually nice pics, so never fear!



  1. Charles9:30 am

    Well, now you might as well take off the note about "(no I'm not going to tell you my age)" from your blurb on the right!

  2. honey, i'm going to be mumblemumble next april, so hush up, it's fast approaching for me, sigh. you'll live, lol, as they all have before us, and will after us as well

  3. One year ... one year I will get there. You're right about the boring drive, my mum lives near there and we put off going to see her because it is such an awful drive. (apologies to any Geelongites reading this!) BTW Geelong Grammar has been co-ed at least since I was in the later years of high school - and as I am even older than mumble-mumble, that's a LONG TIME. there is nothing wrong with turning mumble-mumble, in fact I have thoroughly enjoyed being in my mumble-mumbles, far more so than in my 30s. Enough rambling - should blog myself rather than waffle on others' blogs.


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