A special message

to those who are sending to my inbox 2-3 copies of coke vs pepsi, google vs yahoo, my JC Penny (whoever they are) confirmation order number, Foot Locker confirmation order number, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and all the other "free" junk food and coffee joint vouchers EACH DAY, along with all the other spam just


The rest of you, you nice ones who read my blog and occasionally leave me a comment, can stay :-)

I'll be right back with you. I have an FO, well once I tie the ends in she is finito! Except for the blocking. OK, it is not a very FO at all - it is an AFO. Almost Finished Object.

For the nonce, these might amuse if you haven't seen them.

Knitted ahem sculpture.

Angora pants. Check out the reallllly special ones below the longjohns with feet. Like pants with feet are special but fluffy pants missing other bits are even more special!

A radio station knitalong

A yearly get together for umm for want of a better word automotive enthusiasts in the Nevada desert.

Thanks to various friends and knitlists for letting me know about these links!



  1. Loved the links. What weird things amuse small minds in the Nevada Desert.

    I might even try knitting the mystery object on the knitalong. May be interesting.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Wow, it looks like you're getting american spam! JC Penny's is a department store in the states!

    Nice links. Very strange. Strange is good for a laugh!

  3. Oh, I just love the radio station knit-along!

    So sorry about your having to pack and move. I wouldn't want to leave that back yard, either. Wishing you the best...


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