A drive and blatherings

G'day all!

Well I've seen Nathan off at the airport, I've driven to my sister's place 300km away, totally failed to see any of the things I wanted to see on the way up there (but did get to see some really nifty plants in a roadside stop on the way up and flogged past a heap of other good stuff, promising myself to get pics on the way back...). He arrived in Bristol safe and sound, but his luggage got left behind in Frankfurt... Just as well they gave him a toothbrush in the plane. He didn't take a spare pair of anythign in his carry on luggage though. So obviously not a girl!

So I wandered to my sister's place, we shopped for a dress for my niece, found THREE in the last shop we looked in (typical), then the rain set in. Bored bored bored. I almost finished the baby singled for E's baby - the knitting takes about two hours and the duplicate stitch takes about four.

Scuse me, Cheshire is destroying the house by crawling all over stuff, looking for Nathan I presume. I have no idea why she thinks he would be behind a bit of an Amazon box but....

OK, cat sorted. She's off to destroy something in a place where I can't hear her, I hope.

It rained all yesterday afternoon, all last night and for half of the morning. crikey it is boring being at someone else's place when you've gotten sick of one project and another project and even spinning becomes boring! So this morning I packed up and started the drive home earlier than I intended.

Beechworth is only about 35km away, so I made it my target. It has my favourite icecream shop in the world, maybe even better than its mother shop in Bright (a young bloke runs the Beechworth one and his mum runs the Bright one). Plus it has the Ardent Alpaca, which has lots of alpaca stuff including incredibly expensive fleeces. I bought 144g of fleece - a lovely soft pure black one, only a little bit of brown tip on the end.

But that was after I had wandered around the Gorge Nature Drive. There are not many places to pull off the one lane road on the nature drive - it is a drive much mroe than a walk. So when I finally found a place to pull off the road, I had to walk back up the hill about a kilometre to get some pictures of some orchids. Then I had to find a place to pull off for the waterfall.... The 20 minute drive turned into a two hour walk up and down hills and across granite rocks and drive (after the physio told me not to walk much on the silly ankle I have. I think I may have disobeyed them cos I was told walking around the house only).

Cheshire is back, loving me desperately, on my lap, purring at me and running her horridly cold, wet nose across my arm. Like a really fast snail. Ick.

It is nice to be back home but rather lonely. I have noone to talk to with Nathan away. I would show you pictures from the weekend but I only have one set of batteries and they gave up the ghost this afternoon, about five minutes before I got to the place where I really wanted to take some pics. Nathan has the other two sets of batteries with the old camera. Not that the old camera is much good without the flash card, which is sitting in Nathan's laptop here.... There should be more sets but danged if I can find them. I have to wait until the batteries are charged before you get to see pics.

Ms Slimey Nose has just farted. OHMIGOD I have to leave the desk now. It is HORRID!

OK, air has cleared now. I think she is trying to make me a little less lonely. The house is very empty without Nathan on the computer next to me or hammering away on one of the keyboards around the place.

Now for our latest in house hunting. We looked at a place on Friday which I'll call Lawn St. The house can best be described as a cottage. It is very small. Three bedrooms but small. The rooms are small, no built in robes, the hall takes up too much space, the kitchen is twee, the bathroom is small (but bigger than the one here), and you know what?

The house is peaceful. It is a deceased estate but it feels like a house that people were happy in. I walked in and liked it, even though it is tiny. It has been well looked after along the way. It shows signs of age but people have loved it. It has been a home for all of its forty-something years. People haven't loved Karan Court for ages. It has been used as a rental place. There is dog wee and a hundred nasty stains on the loungeroom carpet, and the shower is horrid. (Spelt that crapet, probably pretty true about the crap part.)

Nathan found sundews out in the front lawn of Lawn St. At that point he started thinking much more about buying it. I think I'd prefer to live in the tiny place than Karan Court, though the neighbours in the court might be better. I have to take the PiLs to look at both places, if I can manage it on Saturday in between talking to the bank and organising my birthday bash for the afternoon. I know I have to cruise the area on a Friday or Saturday night (remembering that there is a greyhound track only a km away and a major racecourse for horses and cars 1.5km away). (Argh, now I will have to remember to keep the cats in at night definately cos I couldn't bear for them to be taken for greyhound bait.)

The garden at Lawn St would need more work to get a blanker slate for us to start with, cos a big Queensland Box would have to come out along with a row of Photineas (I DESPISE photineas - they give me asthma and Nathan hates the smell of them). The house is less desperately in need of work and we could possibly open it up some by removing walls or parts of walls. The bathroom is functional as is, same with the kitchen. The garage would have to be enlarged and power put on it (the old bloke didn't have power in his shed????). But it has native little sundews in the front grass.... and the back yard is not half under concrete. Guaranteed north facing solar access (it is on a corner) for when we put in solar hot water and solar panels. It has a place where the water tank could go (but the greenhouse location is debatable). It is all gas, not electric. And it is well within our budget cos the house itself is small, though the land is a bit bigger than the other place we are considering.

Any thoughts?

OK, I'll stop rambling at you. I don't have anyone to ramble at, so the blogisphere is copping it instead.



  1. I'm sorry to hear that the homestead feel so empty without Nathan!! Just think of all the quiet knitting time?? On the houses, it seems the small one on Lawn St. is the better bet. Smaller and well cared for with a good "aura" may be preferable to a renter's abode. That would take more fixing I imagine. I am so glad you've found some potential so soon, though! The boy will be back before you realize it!

  2. I vote for Lawn St :-) It has sundews! And it sounds overall more suited to you both, plus you got that "good vibe" when you looked around. Somewhere that people have cared about is so much better than somewhere they basically haven't.


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